Review: The Last Thing I Saw by Alex Sinclair

Last Thing I saw 2A perfect family. A moment that will change everything.

Emma wakes up in hospital with no memories of the past 24 hours and no idea why she’s there. And her husband and son refuse to visit her.

As she frantically tries to piece together her memories to find out what happened, Emma is desperate to ensure her loved ones are safe. But all she can remember is the last thing she saw before she blacked out: a pair of cold, dark eyes…


This story is told through two main timelines. In the present timeline, Emma is admitted in a mental hospital. She is struggling with her demons and endless nightmares haunt her. However, her mind has absolutely blocked the events that led to her admission. The second timeline is set in the past few weeks leading up to the event. The two timelines run concurrently each adding to the tension and suspense of the story until they later converge towards the end with a twist.

I enjoyed reading this book though there chapters that went a bit slower. However, there were a lot of questions that kept me turning pages in search for answers. I was particularly curious about the event that led to Emma’s admission and amnesia. I kept trying to guess what it could have been. The reveal was something that I wasn’t expecting. The past timeline was also quite suspenseful. I don’t want to reveal much but let me say that the events that were happening around the Turner family were enough to make me jumpy.

The ending was satisfactory although there is one part of the mystery that seems to have been left unanswered.  It is not a major issue though so it didn’t affect my experience reading this book. With the captivating, unpredictable plot, I think fans of psychological thrillers will enjoy this book.


    1. Thank you Carrie. Sorry this one didn’t work out for you though I do understand what you meant about the mental institution and in particular, Tom.

  1. What are you doing reading Bookouture? That is so unlike you Diana 😛

    I hadn’t even heard of this one but I think I’m not in the mood for something like this right now!

    1. hahaha yeah, I was in the mood for something different so I decided to just read another bookouture title instead 😀

      I get what you mean. I have noticed that you don’t really read psychological thrillers anymore btw.

  2. Ooh, I like the sound of this one. The split timeline and memory aspect of it sound right up my alley, plus I love how you thought the past timeline was so suspenseful. Lovely review!

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