Review: Finders Keepers by K. T. Finch

FindersWhat if you could change your life with one little lie?

Noah Kendall loves his family, but hates his teaching job. Mortgage, bills and mouths to be fed: he’s stuck in a rut. And with more debts piling up each day, he knows that something has to change.

As he opens yet another red letter, he has to get out and clear his head, despite the heavy Alaskan snow outside. His legs ache as he runs deeper into the forest, until he notices something in the distance – a crashed car, sitting dead still. Inside, a girl sits slumped in the driver’s seat, eyes closed, mouth open, skin grey beneath the winter frost.

And then beside her he sees it: a bag of money. And lots of it. Enough to pay off his debt and start a whole new life. And it’s just sitting there, waiting for him to take it…

What would you do?


Finders Keepers by K.T. Finch gave me a new favorite fictional dilemma. Noah had major financial issues. His family really needed extra cash. Things took a dramatic turn when Noah discovered a crashed car in the woods. In the car is a dead girl with a bag full of money. This is the point at which Noah’s life completely changed.

The story is narrated through two main POVs by Noah and his neighbor Charlie. I liked Charlie and sympathized with her struggles of being a 911 operator. I can’t imagine just how stressful that job is. On the other hand, Noah was a flawed, complex character. There are moments when I sympathized with him but some of his actions made it hard to like him. The first chapters especially portrayed him as some perv and I think that influenced my perspective of him. However, I was still captivated by his narration and was so invested in finding out what he would do with the money. Throughout the story, I kept thinking about what I would have done. I guess this is part of the reason why I liked Noah’s narration even if I didn’t like his character.

The story is suspenseful especially in the first half of the book. However, I wasn’t too crazy about the turns and twists it took towards the end. I tried to suspend my disbelief but ended up rolling my eyes at a couple of the scenes. Still, I was hooked to the story to the last page.  This is a fast-paced, entertaining read with an interesting premise. If you are able to suspend disbelief then you will enjoy it even more.

21 thoughts on “Review: Finders Keepers by K. T. Finch

  1. Noah sounds like an interesting dude to read about! Not sure about having to suspend belief in a thriller tho. Had a few like that recently, and it’s not something i like to do outside the fantasy or horror genre 😀

    1. Lately seems like a lot of thrillers have such like premises where you need to suspend disbelief.I know it can be frustrating.This one did have an interesting premise though.That’s what saved it for me.

  2. Lovely review Diana! I’ve heard a lot about this one and have to wonder why the author started it off they way they did, lots of complaining.

    1. It really did affect the characterization hence making it hard to fully connect with the MC.I did like the premise though.Thanks Carrie 🙂

  3. Another blogger I follow said exactly the same thing about having to suspend disbelief, and about the character being a pervert.

    Thanks for reviewing Diana.

    1. You’re welcome Laurie. The premise of this book was interesting but I can see readers having issues with those two things.

  4. The premise reminds me of a movie I love, it’s weird this kind of dilemmas because they always seem to bring the worst in people!!

    1. I so agree with you. Its an interesting dilemma though, the kind that makes you wonder what you would have done in the same situation. Interestingly, something kinda similar happened in my town last week. The man who found the money returned it. I’d like to believe that I would have done the same thing 😀

  5. Ooooh interesting! I’ll have to check this one out!

    I’d love if you took a look at my blog, I’m new to the community!

    – Courtney

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