Review: The Almost Wife by Jade Beer @bookouture

almost wifeThree women, three white dresses, three big days all set…but only two will make it up the aisle and only one will marry.

Jessie has known that she doesn’t belong. Only her fiancé Adam makes her feel good enough, exactly as she is. Jessie wants everything to be perfect for their lavish wedding day, but she’s already cracking under the pressure of being someone she’s not with her demanding future in-laws.

Dolly works hard to keep appearances but what’s the point of only eating salad when her boyfriend Josh is never home to appreciate the result? Dolly is sure he’ll change once they’re married with a family, josh did say he wanted those things, right?

Emily couldn’t be happier: she’s got funny, loving parents, a loyal fiancé and a job she looks forward to. Everything’s ready for their intimate country wedding until some shocking news sends her life spiraling out of control.

Perfect strangers on the first page. Jessie, Dolly and Emily’s paths will cross in the most unexpected ways. And as their stories collide, their lives will take a turn you’ll never predict.


I was looking for something different when I requested this ARC. I needed a break from my usual dark reads and thought this would be a prefect, fluffy read. I got the ARC weeks before my engagement and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read it.

This is the story about four women connected by weddings. Jessie is about to get married to Adam. He is from a different background, rich, affluent whereas Jessie had a more humble background. However, she is now struggling to fit into her new family. Emily is engaged to Mark. Everything in her life seems perfect. Her family is loving and supportive and I love the fact that they had weekly meetings to plan the wedding. They were all committed to making the day a success. What could possibly go wrong? Dolly on the other hand is a different kind of bride to be. She is keen on having the most memorable wedding and is even trying to ensure that a brides’ magazine is there to offer the much needed coverage. However, it sort of feels like she is in this alone. Josh proposed but is he really ready to settle down? The fourth woman is Helen. She is connected to the three women. I think I will let you read the story to understand the connection. I will mention though that she plays an integral part in the narrative and I really liked her.

This ended up being quite an emotional read. I have been planning my wedding for a minute now so I could relate with these women. Their highs and lows, trying to decide the menu, venues, guest lists. I smiled when I read about their gown fitting and got nervous when something went wrong with their plans. I didn’t expect my heart to break so much when the twist occurred. I cried, got depressed and started thinking about my own life and plans. There is so much that can happen between an engagement and walking down the aisle. What if the carefully, well laid plans fail and the wedding doesn’t happen? These women’s stories were relatable and even after the last page, I can’t stop thinking about them. I am happy for some of them while my heart is still broken over what happened to others. Sorry, I am being so vague but this story is better experienced with little prior knowledge.

This is a story about love, loss, family and friendships. It is not a fluffy read as I first assumed. Instead, it does cover really deep themes and the character development is wonderful. It’s a thought-provoking read that will have you smiling, thinking about wedding veils in one minute and crying the next when things take a different turn. I loved everything about this book. The writing was amazing and the story, unforgettable. I can’t wait to read more books by Jade Beer.














10 thoughts on “Review: The Almost Wife by Jade Beer @bookouture

  1. I enjoyed this book as well, but completely agree was not what I was expecting, but I still absolutely loved it!💕

  2. Great review Diana! I avoided this one because just looking at the cover makes me sad so I knew it was going to be emotional and I just wasn’t in that mood at the time.

    1. I totally get what you mean Carrie. I don’t know what about it made me assume that it would be a fluffy read, maybe the mention of weddings. It is a really beautiful read so do give it a try when the mood is right.

      Thank you 🙂

    1. This one wasn’t fluffy like I thought it would be. Turned out to be quite an emotional read with heavy themes but a beautiful story nevertheless 🙂

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