Review: Watching the Bodies by Graham Smith (Jake Boulder #1)

watchingWatching The Bodies: an explosive new crime thriller from a critically acclaimed author

When Jake Boulder is asked by his PI friend to help investigate the vicious murder of Kira Niemeyer, he soon finds himself tracking a serial killer who selects his next victim in a most unusual manner.

As the body count rises, Boulder has to work with the police to identify the heinous killer before more lives are taken. What ensues is a twisted game of cat and mouse, that only Boulder or the Watcher can survive. But who will it be?


This book introduces readers to one, very interesting investigator. Jake Boulder is not a cop, he’s not even a PI but he is a man who knows the right questions to ask and the best way to get answers. The story begins with the murder of Kira Niemeyer. Kira’s father hires a PI, Alphonse, to help with the investigation because the family doesn’t have much faith in the detectives. After meeting the detectives, I also wouldn’t have let them investigate anything for me either even if it was just a missing slipper. They would never have found it!

And that is where Boulder comes in. He is a bouncer at a club when readers first meet him. He is also Alphonse, best friend. Boulder is a bit quick with his fists but he is also quite intuitive with the ability to see links that others are oblivious to. I liked his personality and especially the fact that he had a soft side but left no stones un-turned in search for answers. His relationship with his mum made me smile. I liked that crazy, old lady and how she used to text him in all caps.

The case was complex with a huge body count. The killer’s MO was quite chilling. I won’t mention what it was because part of the thrill of this book is discovering just how twisted the villain is. Let me just say though then he had the craziest way of choosing his victims.

I enjoyed seeing all the pieces come together as Boulder and the rest of the team raced against time to catch the killer. With such a complex MO and escalating crimes, the suspense in this story was non-stop from the first to the last page.

This is an excellent, suspenseful crime thriller that I think fans of this genre will enjoy.


  1. Enjoyed your review Diana. I laughed when you said this, “I also wouldn’t have let them investigate anything for me either even if it was just a missing slipper. They would never found it!” 😂
    I text my daughter in all caps sometimes. 😂

    1. haha when do you text her in caps? Do you mean for it to come off as shouting? I get scared when I get such texts because they are usually really angry.

      Thanks Laurie 🙂

      1. We text back and forth all day long. We are two comedians, so when I use the picture of the shouting Bitmoji I type in all caps. 😂 It’s always in fun though. 😉

  2. Fab review! Boulder sounds like a refreshing main character with a lot of promise… An investigator that isn’t a cop nor PI, but get’s the job done? Yes please!

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