Review: Kiss Her Goodbye by Susan Gee

Kiss goodbyeKirsten Green is my best friend.
Kirsten Green has gone missing.

I killed Kirsten Green.

Seventeen-year-old Hayley Reynolds is unwanted at home, and an outsider at school. Pushed away by her best friend Kirsten Green, she makes a deliberate, chilling decision – if Kirsten can’t belong to her, then she won’t belong to anyone…

DI Beverley Samuels has the body of a schoolgirl on her hands – a murder that brings back the hauntingly painful memories of the case she’s tried so desperately to forget. There’s something deeply disturbing about this crime – and yet with little hard evidence it’s up to her to decide who she will believe…


First things first, that cover is stunning, agreed?

This is a story about one very twisted, young woman, Hayley Reynolds. As mentioned in the blurb, she killed her friend, Kristen. That is where this story begins. It is narrated in such a way that the readers know about the crime and perpetrator so it was more about finding out whether the police will catch her and if she would commit more crimes.

Hayleys’ narrations were dark but really interesting. I felt sorry for her a couple of times but was also scared of her. She is as twisted as villains come. On the other hand, DI Beverly Samuels is a likeable character. I enjoyed reading about her and I like the fact that she was committed to finding answers even when she everyone else seemed to have given up.

This story starts out with a bang. The murder scene set the tone for the mystery. However, the pace really slowed down after the first chapters. At some point, I felt it became repetitive and I started skipping paragraphs. Like the first chapters, the final ones were also exhilarating. They were fast, suspenseful and totally immersive.

Apart from the slow pace in the middle, I also struggled with some aspects of the story-line. Now, I do understand that things happen differently in different countries but there are some scenes that sounded a bit off to me. Bullying in college? Teasing someone because of a period stain, in college? Principal calling parents when students miss a class, in college? That was a bit confusing to me and at times, I felt like the characters were a bit younger than indicated, like maybe in high school? It’s not a major issue though because as I said, it could be something that happens elsewhere or maybe used to happen in the 80s, which is the time period in which the story is set, so I can’t define it as implausible.

This was a creepy, disturbing read. The ending was chilling and unpredictable. In the end, this book didn’t exactly meet my expectations but it was still a good read.



18 thoughts on “Review: Kiss Her Goodbye by Susan Gee

    1. Glad its not just me. I thought some of the things sounded a bit more high school than college. Thank you Jennifer. I did like the mystery part of it and enjoyed reading about the MC 🙂

  1. Awesome cover! Only saw half of it from the main page and i thought it’s a new Robert Bryndza book.
    Even though it’s not, i’m totally intrigued!

    Interesting set up, with knowing the killer straight away and having her point of view!

    1. I love the cover too and I can see why you thought its Bryndza’s. His book, Cold Blood has almost the exact cover. The only difference is the direction of the face. I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it.

      Yeah, the premise was interesting and the MC so dark. It was interesting following her narration 🙂

  2. Sounds interesting enough to check out. I don’t know how I feel about already knowing who the suspect is, but at the same time, it sounds interesting enough for me to want to read to see what that’s like.

    1. Yeah, the premise is unique but the author still makes it work. I have read a couple of thrillers like that where readers know details of the investigation that the detectives don’t. Its still interesting to see how the detectives end up piecing together the clues about the villain 🙂

  3. The cover is very attention grabbing. Too bad you had some niggles about the book that lessened its impact overall. I think those things you mentioned would have made me a little skeptical too. Thanks for the great review Diana. 😊

    1. Thanks Laurie and I agree with you, the cover sure is stunning. Glad to hear that I am not the only one who thinks that those issues are a bit off.

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