Review: In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards

In Her ShadowFor four years Jessica has never doubted that her sister Isabel’s death was an accident. But when Jessica’s young daughter seems to know long-forgotten details about her aunt’s past, Jessica can’t shake the feeling that there’s a more sinister truth behind the tragedy.

As Jessica unearths disturbing revelations about her sister, and about the people she loved and trusted most, it becomes clear Isabel’s life was less than perfect and that Jessica’s might also be at risk.

Did someone murder Isabel? Are they now after Jessica and her family? The key seems to lie in the hands of a child. Can Isabel reveal the truth from beyond the grave, or is the answer closer to home?


I read The Retreat by Mark Edwards early this year. I loved the book so much that I grabbed In Her Shadow immediately it was available. The book didn’t have a cover then and I didn’t need to read the blurb to decide that I had to read it.

In Her Shadow begins five years after Isabel’s death.  Her niece, Olivia,is suddenly talking about the aunt that she never met.  She knows things about Isabel’s life such as her favorite music, the name of her childhood pet. Things that her family hadn’t shared with her This definitely spooks everyone. How does she know all this? Is Isabel visiting her from the next world? In addition, Olivia has now brought suspicions about Isabel’s death. Was it really an accident as everyone believed or did someone else have a hand in it?

Through the dual narrative, readers get to unravel the mystery surrounding Isabel’s death and Olivia’s behavior. Isabel’s narrations presented clues that had me guessing what could have happened to her. However, I couldn’t guess what was going on with Olivia. Having read Mark’s previous books, I knew that there would be an explanation but I was still spooked by some of the stuff the little girl said.

This is a well-paced thriller that had me guessing to the last page. The character development of the sisters was impeccable. I like how Isabel’s character was so well developed even though she only appeared in the story through the past timeline, flashbacks and Olivia’s revelations.  I also like the fact that the story was unpredictable which is something that I enjoy in thrillers.

However, like I mentioned in the first paragraph, my experience with this story was a bit different compared to the author’s previous title. Maybe my expectations were too high? I still loved this story though, just not as much I thought I would. Still, I have nothing but love for Mark’s writing. The vivid imagery, addictive storytelling and even his ability to make things that I don’t believe in, actually seem plausible definitely makes me a big fan of his writing.

Family secrets, obsessions, deception and a mysterious death, perfect cocktail for this disturbing, enthralling thriller that will keep you turning pages in search for answers.