Review: Closer by K. L. Slater

CloserI know my daughter better than I know myself and if there’s one thing I know for sure at this moment: it’s that Maisie is not ok.

My ex-husband Shaun and I are still friends.
We would do anything for our beautiful little girl, Maisie.
But now Shaun has moved in with Joanne and suddenly, Maisie has a brand new family.
And there’s something not quite right about it…I know Joanne isn’t everything she says she is. Yet no-one will listen.
I need to discover what she’s hiding.
Because if I don’t, my daughter will be in terrible danger.




K. L. Slater is one of my favorite authors. I have read all her books and I am glad to report that they are all fab reads. Closer is her latest title and Slater has done it again! What a twisty, compulsive read!

The story begins with Shaun and Emma at the end of their marriage. The two are separated but still good friends. They share the common goal of wanting to do what’s best for their little girl, Maisie. However, things start changing when Shaun meets Joanne.

Emma and Maisie were my favorite characters in the story. I was rooting for them and I hoped things would work out for them. I also enjoyed their narratives the most. Maisie’s development through the chapters really broke my heart though. I wanted to find out the identity of the person who was stealing her joy and punch or yell at them or something.

The author did a fantastic job in developing the characters and I also enjoyed the mystery bit of this story. I couldn’t really guess who the villain was.  In the beginning, I thought their identity was pretty obvious but boy was I wrong!

Although I enjoyed reading this title, I really didn’t like the ending. It wasn’t a bad ending, no far from it. It was quite twisty and unpredictable. However, it just didn’t bring me any joy. I like it when things are wrapped up neatly and the conflicts are resolved. In this case, I was left turning pages, trying to see whether there was an additional chapter.

As always, the author managed to create characters that got under my skin and a story that won’t be easy to forget!  I recommend this title to fans of psychological thrillers. As a matter of fact, just read all books by K. L. Slater.