Review: The Liar’s Wife by Samantha Hayes

liar's wifeWhen Ella wakes up in a hospital following a hit-and-run incident, she is scared and confused. Close to tears, her eyes fall on a get-well-soon card on the window sill and the nurse reassures her that her loving husband will be back soon…

But Ella has never been married.

In fact, she has lived alone her whole adult life; working hard, rarely socialising, quietly harbouring a terrible secret from her past.

Fear sweeps through Ella when she instantly recognises the man who enters the ward. He is not her husband, but she knows that she must do as he says and play the part of dutiful wife.

What choice does she have? He was there the night of the fire, he knows her secret too…


The Liar’s Wife certainly has an interesting premise. In the first chapter, Ella has an accident. She wakes up in the hospital only to be told that her husband has been visiting. The thing is; Ella doesn’t have a husband. Naturally, I had so many questions. Did Ella suffer a brain injury that caused her to forget her husband? Who was this man?

The story is narrated by Ella in alternating chapters that feature past and present timelines. For me, the past timeline was the most intriguing because I knew that was where the answers lay. There were hints about a fire and lots of secrets. I couldn’t wait to unravel the mystery. I like the fact that I couldn’t guess anything. I was also curious to know how Ella would get out of her current predicament.

There are a few events that seemed a little implausible. That and the slow pace impeded on my total enjoyment of this narrative. Nevertheless, there was still enough to keep me turning the pages (albeit slowly) to the last page.In the end, this was a good read even though not my favorite book by Hayes.

Interestingly , I read it a few days ago but I am still thinking about some of the scenes, in particular, the night of the fire. The story is well-written and I love it when authors paint such vivid pictures with their words. Certain scenes really sucked me into the story. I felt like I was standing in the same room with the characters watching events unfold.

If you enjoy slow burner thrillers, this one might be for you.

26 thoughts on “Review: The Liar’s Wife by Samantha Hayes

  1. I read the first few pages till she goes back with him from the hospital and then gave up… It was just too weird… Though I wanted to know why she thought he was dead.. But…. Hmmm I have to go back to it… One day some day

    1. The reasons why are actually interesting but I agree with you about the weirdness. I think that is why I felt some events were implausible but my curiosity kept me reading. I hope that your second attempt will be better and that you will enjoy the book 🙂

  2. The premise certainly sounds chilling.
    I usually enjoy slow burns – not sure about the implausible stuff tho.
    It’s quite interesting how sometimes we don’t particularly get wowed by a book but it still gives us stuff to think about.
    Great review 🙂

    1. Thanks Norrie and this book did exactly that. It was memorable in its own way and the writing was great. I enjoyed that even if I wasn’t a fan of the story line.

    1. Thanks Meggy. If it helps, majority seem to love this book. Goodreads is filled with 4 and 5 star ratings so maybe it is a case of me and not the book 🙂

  3. This does sound like an interesting read. However, I’m not always a fan of the slow burn thrillers. I’ll keep it in mind though!

    1. Thanks Mackenzie. I have just read your review. So glad that you enjoyed this one. It wasn’t my fave by Hayes but I agree, the premise was interesting.

  4. Wonderful review! I do understand why you ended up struggling a bit with this one. I normally would have had similar problems, so it’s a bit of a mystery to me those somehow didn’t affect me this time around. 😉

    1. Thanks Yvo and I am so glad that you were able to enjoy this one so much. I don’t but for me, it just wasn’t what I was expecting though I know that I will still be picking up the next book by this author.

  5. I remember you telling me about this one… I think I will pass though, I didn’t like her last one, so maybe the next one will be better?? THe reunion was so good!

    1. I am agree with you about The Reunion. Its the reason why I can’t resist her books. Hopefully, I will enjoy the next book better. Interestingly, all the reviews that I have read about this one have been really positive so maybe its just me 😀

  6. Ella lost my sympathy when she did not immediately inform the police about the baby. She had multiple opportunities. I understand she was fearful of going to prison, but once the baby entered the picture, her decisions seemed silly and selfish. I read the entire book, thought it was a good twist at the end, but ultimately I didn’t like the heroine. And I didn’t get why Liam was so determined to find her with so little prior interaction. I think it could have been a great story but too many implausibilities and unlikeable heroine.

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