WWW Wednesday #March 6th 2019

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  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I have been away blogosphere for the past one month. Life got really busy with the wedding on February 2nd and all that followed. Happy to report that all went well and I am now well rested after months on planning. Life is back to normal in a way.

During my break, I read the following 9 books:

Recently Finished


A Killer’s Alibi (Philadelphia Legal 3) by William L. Myers Jr. – I loved this legal thriller. You can read my review here.

The Mother in Law by Sally Hepworth – This ended up being an enjoyable, twisty yet heart wrenching story about family, love and loss.

The Secret Child (DI Amy Winter *2) by Caroline Mitchell – For lovers of crime thrillers, this is definitely a series that you can’t afford to miss.

Honor by Elif Shafak – The story took me on an emotional roller-coaster that had me taking breaks to catch my breath. My review will be up on Friday.


Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine (Stillhouse Lake #3) – I wasn’t too crazy about the amount of action but can’t deny that the story was entertaining. I don’t know if this is the end of the series, I hope not because I would still like to read more about the Proctors.

The One by John Marrs – I loved this book. I can’t wait to read the next book by the author.

The Silent Partner by Alex Michaelides – I enjoyed the twisty ride that Silent Patient ended up being.

In a Dark Dark wood by Ruth Ware – I can’t really explain it but I wasn’t really gripped by this narrative. I liked the story but didn’t love it.

The Six Stories (Six Stories #1) by Matt Wesolowski – I can definitely see why so many readers like this book. There is a lot to like from the uniqueness, cold case mystery, themes and mystic elements.

Reviews for the above titles will be published over the month.


Currently Reading

The Only Daughter by Sarah A. Denzil

only daughter 5‘Your daughter is dead.’

When Kat Cavanaugh hears the words every mother dreads, her perfect world shatters. She takes in the beautiful long blonde hair, torn yellow dress and chipped blue nail-varnish. It can’t be real.

And then the police add the word ‘suicide’. But Kat refuses to believe them.

Even when they show her the familiar looping handwriting and smudged ink on the note her little girl left behind. She knows her bubbly, vivacious daughter would never take her own life.

As she searches Grace’s perfume scented room, filled with smiling photos, she uncovers secrets her little girl had been hiding. Secrets that could put her in terrible danger too.

But Kat’s determined to find out what really happened to Grace on the night she died, whatever it takes…


Reading Next

My resolution for this year is to read more books from my own TBR. For every ARC I read, I also read an older title or two. I hope to read the following books this week:

GOOD SMARAITAN MARRSThe Samaritan by John Marrs

Laura hasn’t had it easy: she’s survived sickness and a difficult marriage only to find herself heading for forty, unsettled and angry. She doesn’t love talking to people worse off than she is. She craves it.

But now someone’s on to her—Ryan, whose world falls apart when his pregnant wife ends her life, hand in hand with a stranger. Who was this man, and why did they choose to die together?

The sinister truth is within Ryan’s grasp, but he has no idea of the desperate lengths Laura will go to…Because the best thing about being a Good Samaritan is that you can get away with murder.


daughter dissapearedDaughter, Disappeared by Fiona MacBain

1994: Jane has no idea of the horrors in store when she plunges into a new life in North Africa with her recently discovered sister, Crystal. When she falls in love with Ali, she believes happiness is within her grasp. But Ali persists in digging into secrets that Crystal and her brutal husband have been hiding, and Jane’s idyllic life starts to crumble. How far will Jane go to save herself and her sister?

2013: Almost twenty years after rebuilding her life back in London, Jane’s fragile peace is destroyed when her daughter, Anna, disappears to Tunisia in search of her father. Jane follows, desperate to prevent her falling into the clutches of the people Jane escaped from all those years ago.


I am currently in love with John Marrs, okay his books, and yeah this is love. So I am trying to read all his books. I loved Her Last Move and The One. I hope The Good Samaritan will be good. Daughter, Disappeared is my book club read for March.

So, what are you reading? Have you read any books by John Marrs? Let me know in the comments section.

Happy Reading!

40 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #March 6th 2019

  1. I loved The One AND The Good Samaritan! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it as well. I don’t get the impression you really liked Six Stories though ;-). Such great reads in your post, I loved so many of them! I like the sound of Only Daughter, I hope it’s a good one! Happy reading!!

    1. haha you are so right. Didn’t want to mention it but I am not as enthusiastic about Six Stories like most bloggers were. John Marrs is so good. I just started reading Good Samaritan today and I am hooked. Glad you loved both books.

      Thank you Inge. Happy reading and have a fab week 🙂

  2. You definitely had a busy February, Diana! It’s great to hear you are well-rested and enjoying newly married life. You did an amazing job with your reads. I love your plan of reading books you own with your ARCs. I need to do the same once I dwindle this pile. Your new books sound great! I have not read a John Marrs book- yet. ♥️

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I didn’t know how draining all the planning was until after the wedding. I slept for days then started reading. Definitely happy, relieved and enjoying this new phase of life ❤

      I'm surprised that I managed to read so much. I guess all the traveling and airport waits really helped. Reading older titles has been interesting though ARCs are always so tempting especially the hyped ones.

      Please read John Marrs if you ever get the chance 🙂

  3. You read so many books at one time! I’m so impressed! Also keep seeing The Silent Patient crop up on people’s read lists so will have to add that to my TBR 😊

    1. Thanks Jen though I did read the 9 books over a period of six weeks when I was on leave from work 😀

      I definitely recommend The Silent Patient.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks Julie. Yeah, had seen mixed reviews for Dark Wood. Unfortunately, I also didn’t like it so can’t recommend it 😦

      Thanks for the link.

    1. I am glad to hear that you loved The Silent Patient, I did too. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy Dark, Dark Wood as much I thought I would.

      The Mother-in-Law is brilliant. I hope that you will love it.

      Thanks Laurel 🙂

  4. Oh so many fabulous books! I am reading Only Daughter soon myself! Hope we love it!

    1. Thanks Hayley, I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed The Silent Patient. It really was brilliant. I definitely recommend The Mother in Law, I think you’d enjoy it too.

  5. Wolfhunter River! Finally a book that I will be reading, too! 🙂 I haven’t gotten to it yet. It sounds like it was pretty good. I’m really curious about Honor. I need to keep an eye out for your review. Happy reading!

    1. Thanks Dee. I hope you will enjoy Wolfhunter River. If you have read the previous books in the series, I think you will love the direction that this one is taking. It sounds more like book due to the action.

      Happy reading to you too 🙂

  6. Oh Diana, you did it to me again. My TBR will never shrink. I have never heard of John Marrs, so will have to see what my library has in his backlist. I have Wolf River to read and am now anxiously waiting to get to it. Some of your others are so appealing. I am trying to get some of the older books on my TBR read as well. Time. Also, congratulations on your wedding. I knew it was coming, but was not sure when. I wish you all the happiness in your future. 💞💘💏

    1. Thank you Carla ❤

      I know what you mean about reading older titles and time.There are so many good books out there and new ones that we have been anticipating but I like the challenge that you were doing with Historical Fiction.

      I hope you will enjoy Wolfhunter River 🙂

  7. So many great books! I enjoyed The One as well, it is optioned for a Netflix series next year! ❤

    1. I can’t wait. I hope it will be as good as the TV adaptation for You. Just finished reading The Good Samaritan,its also really good.

  8. I’m glad you liked Six Stories!
    Last week i read a Sarah Denzil book and found it pretty cool, so want to read her new book as well 😁

    1. Thanks Norrie.Six Stories was good though I didn’t love it as much as other bloggers.The new book by Denzil is so good.Its my first one by her and I loved it.I hope you will too when you get the chance.

  9. Great selection of books! I wasn’t fully convinced by In A Dark, Dark Wood either… I can’t wait to read The Silent Patient and you have me a bit worried about Wolfhunter River now (although if it’s just that there’s a lot of action I’ll probably have no problem). I’m also trying to read more of my own books as well as ARCs this year. I have put myself on a 40% ARC/backtitle ratio limit… Although I confess I’m slightly over the limit right now. xD Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Yvo.Yeah,I remember your review of Dark Woods,we had similar experiences with that one.You’ll love Wolfhunter River,based on your reviews I know you don’t mind action 🙂 I can’t reccomend Silent Patient enough.Have a wonderful weekend too.

    1. I reccomend The Good Samaritan and Her Last Move,both are so good.I hope you’ll enjoy The MIL as much as I did.Thanks Meggy 🙂

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