Review: Only Daughter by Sarah A. Denzil

only daughter 5Kat experiences every mother’s worst nightmare when her only child’s body is found lifeless in an overgrown, abandoned quarry.

Desperate to find out what happened, Kat questions those closest to her as she tries to piece together the last days of Grace’s life. But as a darker side to her little girl begins to unravel, Kat wonders if she ever really knew Grace.

As Kat is drawn into a twisted game of lies, is she also in terrible danger? And will she be able to unlock her daughter’s final shocking secret?

Even if the truth is unthinkable



Only Daughter by Sarah A. Denzil begins with a devastating scene. Kat’s only daughter, Grace, is dead. Everyone believes that she committed suicide and the police don’t want to investigate but Kat doesn’t believe that Grace took her own life. She is convinced that someone murdered her teen daughter.

Kat’s grief was heartbreaking to read. Some scenes still haunt me like one where the parents are waiting for the hearse to arrive or when they had to identify their daughter’s body. Kat was devastated but at the same time, she had to get answers. This is what I liked about her. The fact that everyone described her as a sociopath added something ominous to the story. How far would she go? I had so many questions and couldn’t wait to get answers.

Kat’s search for the truth was intense, captivating and had my heart racing a couple of times. There were so many red herrings and suspects along the way. On the other hand, I was curious about Kat’s past. What did she do? I mean, there must be a reason why she was described as a sociopath , right? I had many questions.

With a vengeful ‘sociopath’ mum, mysterious death, secrets, lies and haunting darkness from the past, Only Daughter is a gripping, chilling, twisty thriller that had me turning pages in search for answers. I couldn’t stop reading until the puzzle was complete.

19 thoughts on “Review: Only Daughter by Sarah A. Denzil

    1. Thank you, Inge. Yeah, I agree about the emotional side. In this case, it made the story special and contributed the character development and motives.

  1. This sounds emotional! It might be hard to read since I have a daughter, but I’m intrigued by this sociopathic mother!! Wow..sounds crazy. Great review, Diana!

    1. I get what you mean,Stephanie.The MCs grief was hard to read about,I can only imagine how harder it would be for anyone who has a daughter. The mum was a unique character,she really made this book even more interesting. Thanks Steph.

      1. It really is hard to read books that have things happen to children…death, kidnapping, etc, but it makes you connect with the story when you put yourself in their shoes. I’ll have to add this one since it sounds interesting. She definitely sounds interesting! You’re welcome!

  2. Wow it sounds such an enormously emotional read but brilliantly done, I’m going to look this one up, fab review Diana x

  3. I need this! After reading her other book, One for Sorrow, i just know she can spin a suspenseful story ❤
    Sociopath mums are not something i came across very often in my books, so that's a bonus 😀

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