Friday Highlights:I Bless The Rains Down in Africa

I saw a Happy Friday: Positivity Wave post on Meggy’s blog (Chocolates ‘n’ Waffles) and thought it’s a brilliant idea. At first, I started writing a gratitude list on a notebook, highlighting the things that I’m grateful for. When I decided to blog my list, I found my post taking a different direction.

Tremors/Earthquake in Kenya


It has been an interesting week. On Sunday night, we had tremors in Kenya; experts say it was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake. I honestly don’t know the difference between earthquake and tremors. I was on the couch when it started rocking back and forth. Stared at my husband for a second, thinking I was imagining it. The next thing, I heard doors being slammed, neighbors shouting and running out of their houses. We live on the fifth floor of our apartment building, never gone down the stairs so fast.  Luckily, apart from some roads getting small cracks, there were no other reported damages.

These are some of the other highlights of my week so far:

Game of Thrones at Last!

I started watching Game of Thrones last week. After years of hearing about the show, I decided to see what the fuss is all about. I am hooked! Currently on season 4 and OMG, I can’t wait to get home in the evening and watch more episodes.

know nothing


Now, I watched Red Wedding Massacre last night! I am shook! I didn’t see that coming at all. I can’t believe that the murders occurred.

red wedding.gif


GoT is shocking and addictive. I was discussing the red wedding with my friends who watched it years ago and one described the series as bloody shocking. Yeah, I agree. It’s bloody but it’s also so good.


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

evelyn hugo


I finally read this book. Started it on Monday night and was done by Wednesday. I would have read it faster if I wasn’t also binge-watching GoT but still, I enjoyed my experience with the book!

I can’t stop thinking about Evelyn in her green gowns. She feels so real. Now I am suspicious as hell about all these celebrity weddings. I suspect that most of them could be contracts.



Signs of Rain

In Kenya, it’s been brutally hot for months. Most parts of Africa don’t have seasons, at least not this side of the Sahara/Equator. I have never seen snow and I only know of spring,autumn,winter based on what I read and watch on telly. There are months when leaves fall and all, but we still don’t have a season ‘name’ for that.

Now, when it gets hot here, it’s not like what I see on TV as summer. I mean, we do enjoy the beach, wearing sundresses and all but for most, too much sun spells doom.



There are lesser foods in the markets, the shambas ‘farms’ are not as productive. Seeing that we rely so much on agriculture, our food industry is taking a huge hit.  Carrots are now a precious commodity… that is how bad it is. Living in the city, I can’t really complain but there are people out there in the remote parts of the country who are starving. They have been hit by drought! Relief food is being taken there but there are reports of possible deaths from starvation. Shocking, devastating images circulating in the media.

Kenya desperately needs rain!

For the first time in months, there are signs of rains. It drizzled on Tuesday, rained on Wednesday night but the sun is still winning this fight. I hope that changes soon! We need rain.


rains in africa


Other small highlights, pizza night on Tuesday, watched Survivor yesterday, the road to my workplace is being repaired so I’m enjoying driving to work. On Wednesday, I was invited to talk to an undergrad class at the University where I work. My presentation was on blogging. I had fun sharing with the class, had a PowerPoint and all, lol.


Request: Please spare a thought for Mozambique. The country was hit by a cyclone and the images coming through show devastation that I can’t even put in words. Hundreds have lost their lives, more are missing, others are on rooftops waiting to be rescued and many have lost everything. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.




How has your week been? I hope some good things came your way too. Let’s all take time to celebrate our highs and realize that life isn’t all that bad. I know this post wasn’t all positive but such is life.

Lovely weekend to you all!


27 thoughts on “Friday Highlights:I Bless The Rains Down in Africa

  1. Oh my how terrifying to feel the earth tremble like that! We’re spared of that here.. we do have a lot of rain and I’m always envious of the hot weather elsewhere but thanks for pointing out it has its downsides as well. I love your post and hearing more about your country! Also, I still haven’t watched the first episode of GoT 🙂

    1. Thanks Inge ❤

      That tremor was terrifying since its unusual for us too, especially at that magnitude where everything starts moving and rocking violently. Thank God it passed without damages.

      As for GoT, its good. It Is one of those shows that slowly suck you in. It might not intrigue you now but once you watch the first episode, there is no stopping 😀

      Have a wonderful weekend, Inge.

  2. I really loved this post, Diana. It was nice to get a look at a piece of your world. I’ve been through a couple of earthquakes here in the Seattle area and they are quite scary. I’m glad it wasn’t too traumatic for you.
    I hope you get more rain in Kenya. That sounds horrible. We had a lot of snow in February, but normally we get a bunch of rain in March and haven’t. Our weather has been warmer than usual too.

    1. Thank you for your comment Deanna ❤

      Maybe these are the effects of global warming. We normally have showers from mid-March to May but it’s still too hot. Hopefully, April showers will get here soon. I didn’t know that Seattle gets earthquakes. I hope they don’t occur frequently though. Our experience was very brief but terrifying.

      1. You’re welcome! I agree. It’s probably global warming.
        Seattle gets Earthquakes every once in a while. They’re always worried about “the big one” because it would cripple the entire Seattle area. They are also always worried about Mt Rainier erupting. I hope that’s not in my lifetime.

  3. I am so glad you and your husband are okay after that tremor. How terrifying! And I will definitely keep my thoughts and prayers Mozambique.

    On a lighter note, YAY for Game of Thrones!! Each episode leaves you wanting more lol. I cannot wait for the last season, I will be sad that’s over but I have high hopes that it will be great. In regards to Evelyn Hugo, we are on the same wavelength with our thoughts. I also wonder how many fake marriages have been done in Hollywood. I loved that book!!!

    1. Thanks Gretchen ❤

      GoT has so many twists and turns. I don't know why it took me so long to discover this show. Its so addictive. Just started season 6 and already sad that will soon come to an end 😀 At the same time,. I am going through the episodes so fast. Like you said, each episodes leaves you wanting more.

      So glad we both enjoyed Evelyn 🙂

  4. ah, that earthquake must have been scary! Glad to hear you are ok ❤
    Game of Thrones is the best!

    Hope the drought won't last much longer! ❤

    1. Thank you Norrie. Its been cloudy so far this week so we are trusting that it will soon rain.

      GoT is so addictive. Just started season 6 now. I don’t know why it too me so long to watch the show. So glad that I finally got started though.

      Have a lovely week ❤

  5. What a wonderful post! I remember the earthquakes in Kyoto, although they were quite small according to my Japanese friends. It’s a very scary thing!!
    I quit GoT because of a certain episode. I don’t mind people being killed but animals? Nope! I do miss it, though, I really wanted to know how it was going to end!
    Yay for pizza, and hoping for rain! xxx

    1. I get what you mean about GoT. It is super brutal and they kinda have no boundaries.

      Japan earthquakes seem to be very frequent. They had some just last week. I can’t imagine going through that again. We thought the apartment was coming down for sure. Luckily, it passed quickly and left no damages.

      Thank you Meggy ❤

  6. Glad that it rained 🙂 I’m not a super fan of GOT but i watch it because I used to watch it with my family. Yay for small highlights too!

    1. Thanks Annie. This week is really cloudy so we hope for proper showers. I started watching GoT because of my hubby. Its his favorite show so I figured that it will be fun to watch the final season with him next weekend. I am currently on season 5 and hooked 😀

  7. That Red Wedding catches everyone off guard. I read the books and had to reread that section my first time through.
    Pretty awesome about your presentation.

    1. Its great that you have read the books. Having watched the show, I don’t think I’d have managed to read the books. I wouldn’t have understood some of the things, no matter how well they are described 😀 I am envious though since you already know how it all ends.

      Thank you ❤

      1. Well the books aren’t done yet, so I don’t know how it ends, but everyone has a theory about how it’ll all wrap up. The TV show diverges from the book in later seasons, but am considering to stick with the TV show since it at least will have an end.

  8. Oh dear Diana. It sounds like you have been dealing with some difficult things. Glad you and your husband are okay and praying for some rain for you. 🤗❤

  9. I’m so sorry about all of the challenges you’ve had to face, Diana. But I love your positive attitude.
    You’ve never seen snow? It really is a beautiful sight. I believe one day you’ll see some. The world is very unpredictable these days.

    1. Thanks Laurie. Luckily, it finally started raining so hopefully things will get better.As for snow, it would be wonderful to see that someday. It always looks kinda magical on TV especially the Christmas movies. I wouldn’t want it to snow here because it would cause so much suffering due to the poverty levels but would love to travel to somewhere where it snows even if just for a short visit 🙂

      I would probably behave like Trevor Noah in the video above when he first saw snow in the US 😀

      1. I hope you do get to see snow one day, Diana. When it first falls and is new and clean and white, it’s beautiful!! When I lived in NYC, as a child, sometimes the snow would be waist high when we were going off to school!! We wore snow suits and boots, and the buses would have chains around the tires to get through it. It’s a beautiful sight to see, but not when it gets old and dirty. 😖 Then it just looks messy. And if the temperature falls and it freezes up it becomes dangerous, especially for drivers.
        The link didn’t work, but I think I found what you were trying to send me. Was Trevor splicing and dicing snow with his hands in the middle of the street?😂 That guy’s hilarious!!

        I hope the rain will bring much needed relief for those who need it, Diana. 🤗

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