Review: The Heart Goes On (Far Horizons #1) by Kate Hewitt

Heart Goes On1819, Isle of Mull, Scotland: When Allan MacDougall tells his sweetheart Harriet Campbell he loves her on the eve of his departure to the New World, it breaks her heart. Because there is no way for her to go with him. She promises to wait for him, even though it could be years before they are reunited.

They vow to write, but when crucial letters go astray, they feel further apart than either could have imagined. Allan finds himself battling for his independence and future, and ultimately for his life. Whilst Harriet’s family fortunes take a turn for the worse, leaving her with an impossible choice—stay faithful to the man she loves… or save her family from destitution?

Their fortunes are to have a chance to collide once again. But is their love strong enough to survive? Or will the time—and oceans—that have separated them for so long keep them apart forever?


I am not a fan of the romance genre but I love Kate Hewitt’s books so I couldn’t resist reading this trilogy.

Set in 1819, The Heart Goes On tells the story of the MacDougall and Campbell families. The MacDougall travelled to New Scotland to make a new life for themselves. Left behind in Scotland are the Campbells who are struggling following the loss of their farm. The two families are connected by love and friendship.

This story is so well written and captivating right from the first page. The descriptiveness took me back to 1819 and I could imagine what life was like for Scots seeking new life in a foreign country. I liked the description of the vast landscape (wilderness), unforgiving sea, way of life and the hopes and dreams of different characters. I could imagine what it was like trying to start afresh and make a life on the wild, virgin lands. The sea sounded like a character in itself and it was scary!

The characters are well developed and I found myself getting invested in each of their stories. I can’t wait to reconnect with them in the next book, Rebel heart.

Romance is a key theme in this story. It is well portrayed in a way that I found relatable. Courtship at that time period is interesting to read about. Themes of family, gender roles and emigrants’ dreams also come alive through the pages. I highly recommend this series to fans of historical fiction.

8 thoughts on “Review: The Heart Goes On (Far Horizons #1) by Kate Hewitt

    1. Thank you so much Deanna. Yes, this was such a sweet story.

      I’m doing quite well now. September was really good for me. No episode at all 🙂 Thank you so much for asking. I hope you’re well too.

    1. Thanks Yvo. Kate does write wonderful books. I am glad that I got to read this one although romance is definitely not a genre that I usually read.

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