Review: The Three Mrs. Wrights by Linda Keir

Lark has good things coming: a career as a board-game designer and a whirlwind romance with a handsome investor. Trip is so compassionate and supportive, he’s almost too good to be true.

Jessica has always been cautious, but she can’t resist Jonathan. The brilliant TED-talking visionary has big plans for his inspiring medical start-up. Now Jessica is invited to be part of the team—and to partner with the founder outside the office.

Holly has settled into a comfortable life with Jack, her husband of nearly twenty years. They’ve raised three children, they own a beautiful home, and they’ve founded a worthy charity. She’s proud of building a marriage that has endured—she just doesn’t want to look too closely at the cracks.

Lark, Jessica, and Holly are three strangers with so much in common it hurts. Their one and only is one and the same.

The charming Mr. Wright’s serial lies are about to catch up with him… 


I absolutely loved this book.

Lark, Jessica and Holly are all involved with one deceptively charming man, Mr. Wright. Lark is a board game designer. Jessica is a smart medic with an offer for a residency with a highly reputable institution. Holly is a pediatrician and philanthropist. All of them are smart, successful and beautiful and it is easy to wonder how they could have been taken in by such a despicable smooth talker. However, as the story unraveled, I could understand the madness and whirlwind romance that Mr. Wright took them on. I couldn’t wait for his lies to be exposed.

This is a very compelling read. Narrated from the perspectives of the three women, it portrays the different relationships that they had with Mr. Wright. I kept wondering what his motives were. He was rich, intelligent and … not young. He had already hit the jackpot with a wonderful wife and three children. So why did he need to lie and string along so many women?

The story begins by introducing us to the women and their link to Mr. Wright. It builds up gradually until Wright’s carefully constructed deceptions start falling like dominoes. I was at the edge of my seat as I waited for the women to wise up and was even more curious to see what they would do afterwards. Oooh, the revenge was juicy!

This was such a fun, entertaining read. I was hooked from the first to the last page and didn’t want the narrative to end. I wish there was more of the story told from Mr. Wright’s perspective so that I could get a sneak peek into his twisted mind. Nevertheless, I utterly enjoyed the women’s narrative.

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