Review: Silent Girls (Agent Tori Hunter #1) by Roger Stelljes

She moved far away to try and forget her past. A past that would seep back in when she least expected it and crushed her soul over and over. She tried to keep the evidence packed away in boxes high up on a closet shelf like carefully packing away a tragic part of her life. As if sealing the boxes, was sealing away a time in her life she desperately wanted to go back and change. Until one day a mysterious letter arrives from an unknown sender that unravels everything.

FBI Special Agent Tori Hunter returns to her hometown of Manchester, Minnesota for the first time in twenty years to investigate the disappearance of a woman who is gone without a trace. She is desperate to solve a case that will cause her to confront her own painful past and question the motives of friends she thought she knew and trusted. It will plunge her and the other detectives into the crosshairs of a dangerous killer while in search of the truth.


Silent Girls is the first installment in the Agent Tori Hunter series by Roger Stelljes.

Tori’s twin sister disappeared without a trace twenty years ago. Shortly after the disappearance, Tori moved away from her hometown eager to put the past behind. However, she remained tormented by the loss of her sister and the lack of answers. Soon, the past caught up with her as more women begin to disappear in similar ways and Tori goes back to Manchester Bay to help investigate the cases.

This is a very well written cop procedural with an intense, dark, suspenseful mystery that had me guessing from the first page. Young women were going missing in the middle of the night leaving their cars behind. There were no signs of struggle and it appeared as if the women simply left their cars and disappeared into the night. Tori is desperate to solve the case in the hope that she will also get answers concerning her sister’s disappearance. However, things get complicated as more women go missing and it soon becomes apparent that a serial killer is on the loose.

I loved this story. It is an addictive read with well-crafted characters and a baddie whose identity was hard to guess. There was a bit of romance but it didn’t bother me much especially since it didn’t take the focus away from the case. I can’t wait to read the read the next book in the series.

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