Review: Heartbreak Bay (Stillhouse Lake #5) by Rachel Caine

They’re hunting a killer so silent, so invisible, that his unspeakable crimes are the only proof he exists.

A car submerged in a remote pond. The bodies of two girls strapped into their seats. The mystery of their mother, vanished without a trace, leads Gwen Proctor and Kezia Claremont into dangerous territory.

On the surface, Gwen’s life is good—two children approaching adulthood, a committed partner, and a harrowing past dead and gone. But that past is attracting the attention of someone invisible…and unstoppable. Trouble’s just beginning. So is the body count in this backwoods Tennessee town.

As threats mount and Gwen’s hunted by an enemy who pulls all the strings, Kezia has her back. But working to solve these vicious and unreasonable crimes will expose them both to a killer they can’t for the life of them see coming.


This is such a hard review to write, so I will keep it brief. I have just finished reading this book. I was absolutely stunned and saddened by the Author’s note at the end and the news about her health. I stopped and said a quiet prayer for her to pull through. Unfortunately, a quick look at Goodreads brought me the sad news of her demise back in November, 2020. I had no idea. A blogger friend had mentioned that the series is ending but not why. Rest in Peace Rachel Caine and thank you for the wonderful books. I have never had a series end because of an author’s death. Its truly sad and heartbreaking. May God grant your loved ones peace and comfort.

I enjoyed this story just like the other 4 in the books. Gina/Gwen now feels like someone that I know and I adore her family. It has been interesting to see the characters develop with the series progress. Once again, danger is knocking on their door. As much as Gina tries to outrun her past, it never seems to let her go.

Fast-paced, action-packed and highly entertaining, this is one not to be missed. If you haven’t yet, please do read this series.