Not Another Reading/Blogging Update

I haven’t been regular on here for a while now. Last year, I had a newborn and didn’t have much time for anything else apart from raising Rylee. Now that she is 16 months old, I can read and blog a bit more but the energy seems totally gone. Instead, I spend my free time in the evenings watching reality TV. I am currently watching ‘ The Challenge’ on MTV and ‘Good Girls’. I have just finished watching ‘The Circle, UK’. When I am not watching TV, I spend quite a bit of time mindlessly going through social media, sad innit?

It now takes a week or so to get through one book (300 pages). I don’t really participate in any weekly memes/bookish thematic posts at the moment so without any reviews, I have nothing to post on here.

I do want to keep this blog active for various reasons. At the moment, its part of my writer’s resume and helps me in seeking writing opportunities locally. I do Content Creation and Ghost Writing from time to time as a ‘side hustle’. I also offer talks on blogging to students at the University where I work and use my blogging experience for illustrations. Next Semester, I will begin teaching Creative Writing to Undergrad students. Apart from the books that I have published, blogging and online writing is something else that gives me the confidence to speak as an ‘expert’ in creative writing and online content creation.

Of course apart from my career, I also blog because I enjoy talking about books and interacting with other readers. This is the primary reason why I got into book blogging. So why am I unable to read and blog as much? I don’t know. Perhaps I have burned out especially after reading cop procedural non-stop for a year. I am so mixed up by the detectives right now lol. Maybe I just need to switch up my genres a bit? Or maybe I have the dreaded reading/blogging slump?

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and apologize for not being around as much. I’d also appreciate some advise on how I can keep this blog active when I don’t read and review as much as I used to. What kind of bookish posts are y’all posting apart from reviews? If you have ever gone through a reading/blogging slump, how did you get out of it?

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. Take care. Happy reading and do enjoy the week. Cheers.

23 thoughts on “Not Another Reading/Blogging Update

    1. I am with you on that one, Jennifer. Despite current challenges, I am not ready to let go of my blog too. Its always nice seeing you too ❤

  1. Hey Diana!!
    We would love to see your blog post on the best characters of stories you’ve read..
    Or what about your experiences on reading particular books!

    You are a wonderful blogger!! Keep up the spirit!🤩

    1. Thank you so much for the positive vibes and the blog post ideas. I love them and will definitely try work on something along those topics. Once again, I really appreciate your words ❤

  2. Diana, I totally get it. Having babies makes it hard to find time to do anything on a regular schedule. My kids are older, with my youngest now 7, and they’re a handful! Taking breaks is a must, so I understand.

    During my last break I realized how much I missed all of you. There was definitely a void. I hope you stay a part of this wonderful community, and I’ve always appreciate your kind support. ❤️ Hugs.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words ❤ I plan on staying around even if I continue posting and visiting irregularly. I will still keep the blog.

      Kids really do change up things, in a good way though. My evenings are spent mostly baby sitting and so reading and blogging takes a back seat. I find watching TV much easier since I doesn't need as much concentration as reading.

      You are right about taking breaks. I am glad yours helped you and I am happy to see you on here again ❤

  3. Maybe you could search book tags on WordPress and do one of those a week? That’s a fun way to post without writing reviews. Or maybe write about other things you’re doing besides reading – TV shows, hobbies, etc. And there’s always Top Ten Tuesday or WWW Wednesday, or other bookish memes. I have slowed down on my blogging too, but I try to post at least every two weeks. These things come in phases – good luck!

    1. Thanks so much, Laila. Yeah, I think I will start doing the bookish memes again so that I stop going for so long without posting. At least that gives me a post a week and hopefully I can get in some reviews from time to time. Thanks for your support and friendship on here ❤

  4. Completely understand the slump or blogger burnout. For me, I was just overloaded with everything going on in life and the world. Like you, I found it easier just watching TV some nights. Then I started reading again but wasn’t writing reviews or blogging. I think I needed that time to just read and enjoy. I’ve started blogging again after some time away and I’m enjoying it again. I think I really needed that break. I know we’re all different but you do whatever works for you. I love reading your posts but understand if you need a break. ❤ Sending you tons of good wishes.

    1. Thank you so much Deanna ❤ I am glad that your break helped you get over the slump and now you can enjoy blogging once again. So nice to see you back.

      I think I will just go with the flow of things right and do what I fits my mood. Watch a bit of TV, read when I can or want to and do the same with the reviews. Hopefully the slump will soon fade away.

  5. Aww no need to apologize. It sounds like you’re in both a blogging and reading slump. That happens to me too sometimes. At times like those, I either go with the flow of my mood and just take a break or I post about other stuff when I feel like it. I mostly turn to book tags because those are easy, fun, and quick to do. I have a page listing a bunch of them on my blog, but they (the questions/categories in the tags) can get a bit repetitive. Another option is to do a different type of post, maybe share recent books that have caught your eye or chat about what you’ve been watching lately since that interests you the most right now.
    As for the reading slump, it helps when I switch to something a little different sometimes, so I might read a bunch of comics for a while or magazine articles or something.
    Hope it all goes well though.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for all the wonderful ideas ❤

      I like the thought of switching things up a bit by posting tags, memes or posts about other stuff that I am into. The idea of switching genres is one I am definitely going to give a try now. Hopefully the slump will soon go away. Thanks you so much.

  6. Hi Diana,

    I appreciate your reviews, and this post in particular. I don’t have any advice I’m afraid, just want to wish you luck!


    Matt Witten

  7. No need to apologize. We all go through slumpy reading and blogging times. I would definitely recommend picking up a different genre. Maybe something happier? Or just completely different. That always helps me.

    1. Thanks Deanna. I intend on doing this. Taking a break from this weekend with some historical fiction novels to give me a break from the crime thrillers.

      I appreciate your support and friendship on here ❤

  8. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling right now! But we all go through times of slow/slumpy reading and blogging so everyone understands. ❤ Taking a step back sometimes seems to help for me, or returning to old favorites, or switching genres for a bit… Reading whatever you feel like without the pressure to write (long) reviews can be really freeing, and normally gets the creative juices going again. I hope you will find what works for you! ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Yvo ❤

      I plan to switch up things a little bit and take a break with a genre change. I will also set aside my ARCs for a while and mood read. I hope this works out. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and for the ideas.

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