Review: Watch Her Sleep (Charlotte Winters #3) by L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain

When a search party trawling Salem Island find a girl’s body curled on the damp earth, the hunt for missing waitress Emma Jacobis grinds to a devastating halt. The day before, Emma had come to Detective Charlie Winters convinced someone was watching her. In her trembling hand she held a sketch of herself sleeping peacefully with the stuffed rabbit she’d had since she was a child. On the back, scrawled in black ink: You will be mine…

A box containing handwritten letters found under Emma’s bed is Charlie’s first lead. But the handwriting isn’t a match to the note left for Emma. With the help of her new assistant, a troubled girl eager to learn the ropes, Charlie’s only hope is to canvas the bar where Emma worked. There, she finds a woman with fear in her eyes and a terrifying story to tell about an encounter with a dangerous stranger. Is someone in this small town targeting vulnerable girls as prey?

Certain she’s found a twisted killer’s hunting ground, and with time running out before he strikes again, Charlie has no choice but to use her new assistant as bait to lure him out into the open. But when a scream pierces through the night, will Charlie survive the consequences? She has to, or there’s no knowing how many more innocent girls will die… 


Watch Her Sleep is the third book in the Charlotte Winters series. Charlie is simply my favorite PI. I like how well she works with her Assistant, Paige and cop friend, Zoe. In this installment, a young woman seeks Charlie’s assistance as she believes that she is being stalked. The young woman, Emma, has tried to get help from the police but as usual, the police cannot do much unless there is proof that a crime has been committed. Nonetheless, Charlie sees the seriousness of the issue and advises Emma to stay away from her house. Emma decided to quickly rush to her place to pick a few things before going to a friend’s. That turns out to be a fatal mistake.

This story has such a creepy vibe to it. The stalking made my skin crawl. It definitely had me looking over my shoulder and once, outside my bedroom window though I am on my third floor. Can you imagine someone watching you sleep? I don’t care if it’s my partner or child, I’d still freak out if I found one of them watching me as I sleep. I do watch my baby sleeping though and take a cheeky pic or 2, Moms are allowed this creepiness lol. However, to imagine a stranger watching me makes me shudder. Yikes!

This is such an engrossing, masterfully written story. I enjoyed the different POVs and the fact that the authors decided to amp -up the creepiness by including the stalker’s voice. I can’t wait to read the fourth book in this series.