Review: Save Her Child (Jericho & Wright #3) by C.J. Lyons

In the summer heat at the Craven County Fair in rural Pennsylvania, Dr Leah Wright is shocked to find a pregnant woman hiding from view and in labor. Leah manages to deliver the baby safely, but the woman won’t reveal her name. She’s terrified, running from someone, and days later both she and her newborn son go missing…

Desperate to save them, Leah turns to Detective Luka Jericho for help. Eager for Leah’s help with a complex case of his own, Luka asks Leah to interview the widow of a man who has just been murdered. Soon they uncover a shocking connection between the two cases: the widow’s lawyer, a local minister, Reverend Harper, was spotted driving the missing mother away from hospital. Is this the man she was so afraid of?

When Reverend Harper refuses to talk, Luka and Leah turn to the only person who he might speak to: his daughter and Luka’s newest detective, Naomi Harper. But Naomi’s childhood in her father’s stark white house up in the mountains was more painful than Luka and Leah could ever have imagined. Is it already too late to save the woman and her baby?


Save Her Child is another stunning addition to the Jericho & Wright cop procedural series by C.J. Lyons.

There are three seemingly separate cases in this story. The body of a badly beaten young woman is found in an alley. Naomi Harper takes lead in this investigation. Shortly afterwards, the body of a wealthy man is discovered in his garage. It is not clear whether any foul play occurred in his death. At the same time, Dr. Wright helps deliver a baby at the Craven County Fair. She soon discovers that the new mother is terrified and running away from someone. Are the three cases connected or is it just a crazy, busy week for Pennsylvania PD? I certainly had so many questions right from the first chapter.

Naomi Harper was a rookie when we first met her in the first book in the series. She seemed quite difficult to work with and there was some kind of animosity towards her at the station. I can’t believe how much things have change since. I really like how her character has grown and I enjoyed the focus on her in this book. She definitely is the most memorable character for me in this one. This doesn’t mean that the others faded into the background though. Jericho and Wright continue to be a memorable, indomitable duo. I love how well they work together and I absolutely adore the kids, Nate and Emily.

This is a fast-paced, highly enthralling read. I never saw any of the twists coming and had fun following the clues and working on the cases with the Investigators. I liked the theme of family in this one and how it was cleverly interwoven into the story. I can’t wait for book 4 already.