Review: Beneath Black Water River (Detective Kay Sharp #2) by Leslie Wolfe

When Detective Kay Sharp first left Mount Chester—population 3,823—in her rear-view mirror, she
promised never to look back. The town only contained bad memories and dark secrets. But when a
brutal crime surfaces, she finds herself home once more, and this time she’s not going anywhere.
Kay is called to Blackwater River, where the body of a seventeen-year-old girl has been found.
Surrounded by snowy peaks and a forest alive with the colors of fall, the victim floats in the water, a
hand-carved locket around her neck.

The locket seems strangely familiar. Digging into cold cases, Kay discovers that three-year-old Rose
Harrelson was wearing it when she vanished fourteen years ago. In the middle of the night, the little
girl’s bedroom—with Mickey Mouse on the wall and a hanging baby mobile—was suddenly empty.
The unsolved case still haunts the town.

But the teenager they have found has been dead for only a few hours. If the girl in the river is Rose,
where has she been? Who has been hiding her all these years? Kay knows she must solve the
kidnapping in order to untangle the mystery of the dead body.

Then Kay receives a shocking call. The dead girl has been identified—and she’s not Rose. So why is
she wearing the locket, and what happened to the missing child from all those years ago? As Kay
unearths a web of lies and deceit spun for decades, the close-knit community will never be the same.
And Kay will find herself facing a truly terrifying killer…


I thought the first book in the series, Girl in the Silent Lake, was good but Beneath Black Water River is the best one yet.

The story begins with a proposal gone wrong. A young woman is excited about her proposal. She knows that her boyfriend is going to propose and practices her perfect ‘surprise face’. It is eerie just how similar my proposal was to hers. I knew it was coming, had accidentally seen the ring before and also knew it was going to take place during a hike. Luckily, that is where the similarities end. The proposal in this story took a morbid turn when a body floated near the waterfall which the young man had picked as the most scenic place to pop the question.

This was another complex case that quickly became twisty following a wrong identification. I had so many questions just like the team of detectives. I like how there were about 4 cases intertwined, a cold case from fourteen years ago, a current case of a missing girl, a domestic abuse case and the murder case. It was
intriguing and highly entertaining to see the detectives put everything together.

This was a good, captivating read. The twists and turns had my jaw dropping on every chapter. With suspense, intrigue and good old detective work, this book definitely has everything that has me hooked on police procedural series.