Review: Her Ocean Grave (Detective Abby Pearce #1) by Dana Perry

When Samantha Claymore doesn’t return home after an afternoon bicycle ride on Martha’s Vineyard, Detective Abby Pearce acts immediately. She knows from experience how quickly a lost girl can become a tragedy. Back on the island for the first time since she ran away as a teenager, Abby hopes solving Samantha’s case will make up for her past mistakes… But, as the media swarm and Samantha’s grieving mother joins the search, the police find no trace of the beloved sixteen-year-old—even when a reward is offered for her return.

Trawling through old case files, Abby discovers that Samantha is not the only girl to have gone missing in the small community of Martha’s Vineyard. She’s convinced more could follow, but her team insists there’s no link to be found. Until Samantha’s best friend is found dead at the bottom of a cliff the next day…

After searching Samantha’s bedroom and trawling through the files on her computer, Abby digs into the death of Samantha’s father five years ago at sea, following the trail to one of the island’s most powerful families. The same people who failed to protect Abby the night she was forced to leave as a young girl. Is there anyone left on this quiet island who Abby can trust? Can she find Samantha before more innocent lives are taken?


I can’t resist a new detective series even though I am already invested in a dozen or so are at the moment.

Her Ocean Grave introduces us to Detective Abby Pearce. She is a new detective at Cedar Cliff Police Department. Abby was previously a decorated homicide detective at the NYPD. She left New York and headed back to her small-town home after the death of her partner. Cedar Cliff is quite different from the NYPD. There are hardly any major crimes and Abby is the only detective at her precinct. However, this all changes with the disappearance of Samantha Claymore.

It took a while to get used to the first-person narrative style used in this story. Once I did, the story started flowing much better. I didn’t enjoy the case as much as most other readers did (going by the reviews on goodreads). I think its something to do with my not connecting with any of the characters, including the Lead Detective. I did like some of the twists though and the ending. However, I hope to enjoy the second book in the series a little better. Fingers crossed, I will be able to connect with Abby and her team better.