Review: A Killer’s Daughter and The Hunted Girls (Agent Nadine Finch 1 & 2) by Jenna Kernan

A Killer’s Daughter

When two bodies are found floating in the shallows off the Florida coast, the hallmarks of the crime are terrifyingly familiar to FBI forensic psychologist Dr Nadine Finch. The circle carved around the female victim’s wedding ring finger is identical to the wounds Nadine’s own mother inflicted on her victims. But her mother is on death row where she can’t hurt anyone. Is this a disturbing coincidence, or a twisted copycat?

Nadine quickly identifies the victims as a young local couple, new parents with their whole future ahead of them. Who would want to harm them? With two heartbroken families reeling, and no witnesses or forensic evidence, Nadine has no choice but to tap into her own dark past to delve inside this killer’s mind. If she can’t make her team listen, she knows more lives will be lost.

Then another couple are found in the Manatee River, their throats cut—and another circle carved around the woman’s ring finger. Desperate to act, Nadine must face her demons head on and visit her mother in prison. When her mother whispers a name Nadine hasn’t heard for years, the case takes a terrifying turn, and returning home after her bleak visit, the bag of bloodied clothes left on Nadine’s bed tells her someone is watching her every move…


A Killer’s Daughter introduces readers to Agent Nadine Finch, a forensic psychologist. One thing that stands out about Nadine is her twisted family. She is the daughter of a convicted serial killer; her father is missing and her brother is incarcerated. Sounds like a complex family, right?

I enjoyed this case and the psychological angle brought in by the engagement of a forensic psychologist. I am not usually a fan of romance so the relationship between Nadine and the Lead Detective, Demko, threw me off a bit especially due to the speed at which it occurred. However, both are very interesting characters and so I got over my initial aversion pretty fast.

Fast- paced and twisty, this was a great first installment in what promises to be a fascinating series.

The Hunted Girls

As Agent Nadine Finch rushes to investigate the murder of newlywed Nikki Darnell in Ocala National Forest, Florida, fear floods her body. She swore she’d never set foot there again, not since the case fifteen years ago which tore her life apart. But taking in the triangular cuts scarring Nikki’s perfect pale skin, she knows she must put her own traumatic past aside to find justice for Nikki and her inconsolable husband.

Recognizing her as a local waitress, Nadine has just traced the arrow heads to an outdoors store when her own partner disappears and she receives a chilling note: “Three little birds. So pretty in their cages. I caught them all for you.” Now the rules of this twisted game are terrifyingly clear. A killer obsessed with the case in Nadine’s past is closing in, targeting a stranger; then an acquaintance; then someone close to her. Will she need to sacrifice herself to save one of her own? And can she stop this deadly hunter before more innocent lives are taken?


Nadine Finch is back and this time, she is on the hunt for a twisted, serial killer who is hunting down the women around her. This case was complex and way, way darker than the first. The Unsub is sadistic and enjoyed torturing his victims. He was obsessed with Nadine due to her familial ties and this brought the danger closer home.

After getting used to Nadine and Demko as a couple, I have now grown fonder of the entire team. Nadine’s Assistant, Tina and the ME, Julliette all work together quite well and I enjoyed their friendship.

This is an enthralling, edge- of- your- seat, masterfully plotted procedural that had me glued to the pages until the end. It’s full of twists and turns that upped the tension through each chapter. Nadine is a strong protagonist and I enjoyed watching her work with her team, form relationships, confront her dark family relations and hunt down one of the darkest Unsubs I have encountered in a police procedural. I can’t wait for book 3 already.

14 thoughts on “Review: A Killer’s Daughter and The Hunted Girls (Agent Nadine Finch 1 & 2) by Jenna Kernan

  1. Wonderful reviews Diana! Glad that you are enjoying this series, it sounds like an intense one and hopefully you don’t have to wait too long for book 3.🙂

  2. Great reviews Diana. I like the sounds of this series and will have to put it on my Wish List (Wish I had more time). It reminds me of Kendra Elliott books with the romance aspect.

  3. Both of these sound good and I like that the first one has a romance! I am kind of feeling like I’m going to want a thriller soon, so I might have to try that one. Great reviews.

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