Review: God Calls You Blessed by Rae Simmons

In a culture that fills your head and heart with lies about your value in the world.  .there is One who calls you blessed.

And He can be trusted. His Word is truth.

This delightful devotional–created just for you–will encourage and inspire your soul with deeply rooted truths from God’s Word. Each devotional reading and heartfelt prayer will assure you that you are truly blessed–because God says so. . .and His Word is unchanging! Each of the 180 readings in God Calls You Blessed will help you to grow in your faith and increase your self-confidence as you become the beautiful, courageous woman the heavenly Creator intended you to be!


I am so happy that I found this book on NetGalley. It has been a daily companion for quite a while now as I have been reading it as a daily devotion focusing on one topic and prayer per day.

The prayers cover every topic that applies to any person’s day to day lives. Topics include, future plans, sharing, obedience, strength, generosity and many more. Basically there is a prayer for every aspect of life.

The format is quite well structured making it easy to read and reflect on the message. It begins with a Biblical reference to prepare the mind and heart for the message of the day. The scripture is followed by one or two paragraphs of reflection. This entails encouragement, practical lessons from the word, questions to ponder on and other thought provoking messages. The final part is a prayer based on the day’s message.

I absolutely loved this book and enjoyed the growth that I experienced with each devotional message. It helped me grow my prayer life and filled me with positive, wonderful messages to begin each day. I highly recommend it.

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