Review: Little Girl Taken (Detective Madison Harper #3) by Wendy Dranfield

An abandoned baby is the last thing Detective Margaret Harper expects to find as she drives to her first day back at work since the case ripped her life apart. But as she cradles the shivering child close, all her instincts tell her there’s something more sinister at play. Then she finds a lone sneaker down a muddy trail nearby, the laces spattered with blood.

In a town as small as Lost Creek, Colorado, the baby and the shoe are quickly identified as belonging to Kacie, Larson, a waitress at a local diner who quietly stashed away her tips to make a better life for her daughter. A mother herself, Madison can’t believe that Kacie would just abandon her child, but she also can’t convince her new team. Not for the first time, Madison feels she must go at it alone to get the job done.

To break this case and earn her place back on the force, Madison must learn to trust her team and herself again – and fast.


This series started on such a great note and has been getting better with each new installment.

Madison was on her way to her first day at work when she came across what first appeared like the scene of an accident. However, she was puzzled to only find a baby in the car with no sign of the driver . The scene clearly shows that the driver was hurt even though the baby wasn’t. So where is the driver? What exactly happened?

I really like the characters in this series. I enjoyed seeing Madison go back to work. She’s a great detective with good instincts and a keeness on results. Despite the past issues with her wrongful conviction, Madison is not one of those detectives we commonly see in police procedural. You know the complicated ones, battling all sorts of demons and harbouring all kinds of secrets? Madison is a relatable cop. She’s a single mother who enjoys her job. I absolutely love Nate and Madison’s son, Owen.

This was a tough case to crack especially when the suspects started getting eliminated either physically or by the evidence. I couldn’t guess the identity of the Perp or the motives. It was even hard to guess the exact crime which made it such an captivating read.

The ending turned out to be very emotional, something I haven’t come across much in this genre. It was unexpected and quite a powerful, memorable ending. There are hints about the next installment, atleast as far as Nate’s investigation and I can’t wait.

Another brilliant, captivating, heart-pounding read. This is one series that you definitely need to read in the correct order so as to enjoy the characters. Highly recommended.

7 thoughts on “Review: Little Girl Taken (Detective Madison Harper #3) by Wendy Dranfield

  1. Wow, this sounds amazing Diana. I really need to start this series. After reading your review, I am wondering what Madison has been through in these first three books. I always get emotionally involved when children are part of the story. Great review, you have definitely piqued my interest once again.

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