Review: The Angel Creek Girls (Detective Kay Sharp #3) by Leslie Wolfe

9 HOURS AGO: In a sleepy mountain town, widow Cheryl Coleman stares anxiously out of her kitchen window while a storm rages outside. When the knock comes, she glances back at her daughters before opening the door with trembling hands…

NOW: Detective Kay Sharp vows to get to the bottom of a heartbreaking murder that has rocked Mount Chester. A single mother has been brutally killed in front of her three daughters. The youngest, three-year-old Erin, is lying inches from the body, her pigtails loose, her face tear-stained. Eight-year-old Heather is discovered hiding under her bed. Sixteen-year-old Julie is nowhere to be found.

The first twenty-four hours are critical in child abductions, and the girls are the key to saving their missing sister. But Heather is in shock, unable to communicate, and all tiny Erin can say is “A monster came”. When Kay finds three suitcases lined up in the hallway, it’s clear that the family were about to run away. But why? And who were they trying to escape?

Thanks to her own past, Kay knows all about traumatic childhoods shrouded in tragedy, and she works around the clock to get justice for the orphaned girls. Turning the town upside down, she uncovers the shocking truth about their peaceful community: it’s home to a serial killer who preys on helpless girls. Faced with the most twisted case of her career, can she catch the monster before another innocent life is lost?


Detective Sharp is back! This case begins on a cold, rainy night. Cheryl is home with her 3 daughters. Something is wrong though. She wants to escape but didn’t manage to do so before the rain and dark. The cold, wet night ends with 1 daughter missing and Cheryl stabbed to death.

I have always liked the setting for this series. There is something ominous about Mount Chester. It’s a place ripe with legends, family secrets and small-town gossip with enough drama. In this case, there are rumors of the super natural. A first-born daughters legend hovers like a dark cloud on the case. Kay has to rely on her detective skills, evidence and good instincts to figure out what exactly is going on amidst all the rumors and legends.

I have always enjoyed the characters in this series. I am not usually a fan of romance but I am intrigued by the direction that Kay and Elliot’s relationship is taking. I like that it wasn’t insta-love and feelings have been kept aside at work. They both are great characters though. It might be interesting to see them get together as long as it doesn’t change the work dynamics because they are such a great team.

This is an interesting case. It’s the kind of case that will have you guessing from the first to the last chapter. What happened to Cheryl? Who took Julie? Why did certain events take place? Are there spirits in Mount Chester? I was surprised by the reveal and the dramatic ending. What a great installment to a great series! I can’t wait to find out what lies ahead for this team.