Review: The Hidden Girl (Agent Tori Hunt #3) by Roger Stelljes

When Agent Tori Hunter is urgently called to the murder scene of Dan and Heidi Newman, she finds their throats slit, and Dan tied up: forced to watch his wife lose her life. Tori’s first thought is for their seventeen-year-old daughter Cara who is nowhere to be found. Will this popular young girl be the next victim?

A broken bracelet is the one clue left at the scene, but the team are running in circles until Tori finally tracks down Cara hiding in the woods. Sobbing, the devastated girl says all she remembers is a flash of a man’s face as she was chased through the forest…

Desperate to find the monster behind this crime, Tori pieces together the broken chain: and it leads her to an elderly lady living alone nearby. When the woman won’t speak to police, Tori senses that although it means breaking all the rules, introducing Cara will show this lonely soul what’s at stake. And once inside her house, Cara gasps when she sees a framed photo on display. It’s the man who chased her…

But then another local couple is murdered in their isolated home, another husband forced to watch his worst nightmare unfold. As more couples lose their lives, can Tori keep Cara, her one witness, safe from this vicious killer? And can she track him down before more innocent families are torn apart?


Tori and Will are called to the scene of a double homicide. A man and his wife have been murdered in their isolated house in the woods. Their daughter, Cara, got home just as the murderers were leaving. She is the lone witness helping the detectives to solve the case. The case takes a complex turn when its linked to a double homicide that occurred 24 years ago. The killer in this murder was arrested. This leaves the detectives wondering whether there is a copy cat killer, is the right person in jail or is the jailed murderer pulling strings behind bars?

I like Tori and Will. I’ve never been a fan of romance but this is one relationship that I like and I am rooting for. I like how the two relate and the fact that their relationship doesn’t hinder their work as detectives in any way.

This was a very rough case. The nature of the crimes was quite shocking. The rate of escalation was fast and terrifying. Even more chilling is the fact that the villain(s) was also a narrator so readers had a front row seat to their dark, twisted minds.

This wasn’t a case where you can guess the identity of the villain. Yes, we had chapters narrated by the unsub. However, nicknames were used making it hard to guess the identity of the narrator. In addition, it was so hard to guess the motives or the links to the old case. Basically, I had no suspects at all and couldn’t guess what was going on and why, until the detectives did. This made it a very captivating read for me.

Masterfully written, well-crafted characters and a solid, gripping storyline certainly made this a great read. I look forward to the next installment in the series.


  1. Wonderful review Diana. This sounds like a pretty intense book. If I listen to a book where the unsub narrates chapters, I love the creepiness the narrator usually brings to the voice. This series sounds interesting.

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