Reviews: The EX by S.E Lynes

The love of your life… or your biggest mistake?

It’s hard, meeting your ex after so much time apart. You remember the hurt, the tears and accusations, but you try not to show it. You smile politely, even while your heart beats faster.

You watch as he looks down into the stroller, at the beautiful blond-haired blue-eyed baby kicking his little legs in the sunshine, whose innocent smile lights up your world.

You see his face change. You know what he’s thinking.

The next day he calls. His voice is shaking. He wants the truth. Is it his child? You hesitate, your throat dry, good and bad memories swirling in your mind. You’ve missed him so much… but can you ever trust him again?

After a sleepless night, you arrange to meet, agreeing that the most important thing is doing what’s right for baby Tom. But months later, when the sirens wail in the night, you have to admit: you never thought either of you would go this far


I have never come across a book by S.E Lynes that I didn’t enjoy. This is why I couldn’t pass up on this one despite the fact that I haven’t read a psychological thriller in quite a while. Luckily, this turned out to be another captivating, fast-paced read.

Sam and Naomi broke up during the first lockdown. Their relationship wasn’t working out. However, the timing of the breakup seemed to be what Naomi took hardest about the ordeal. She felt that Sam was inhuman for leaving her and letting her go through the lockdown alone. After the lockdown, the 2 bump into each other. Sam is surprised to see Naomi with a little boy. She first says he belongs to a friend but a date later, she finally admits that the baby is Sam’s. This is where everything changed for Sam.

The story is mainly narrated by Miranda, Sam’s friend and employer. Through the chapters, we also get POVs from Sam, his grandmother, Joyce and Naomi whose narration is through letters to Sam. Right from the beginning, there was a dark cloud, a sense of foreboding that implied that things weren’t quite as rosy as they first seemed. Naomi seemed much different than the mean, manipulator that Sam walked out on. Had she really changed though?

The first half of the story moved a little slowly. However, things got dark pretty soon and the twists started dropping, each one more shocking. I fly through the second half of the book and was excited to find myself thinking about the book when I wasn’t reading it. I actually got up early and finished it before work today. It felt good to be excited about a book after such a long reading slump.

I love S.E. Lynes’ books and this is another title that I highly recommend. What an exciting, gipping thrilling!


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