2023 Reading Goals

Hi everyone (if there is still anyone sticking with this absentee blogger lol).

In the rearview mirror

Happy New Year! I trust that you are having a great year so far. 2022 went by so fast, it was a blur. I truly enjoyed it and had such a wonderful year. For the first time, I travelled out of East Africa, visited the United Kingdom and ended the year in Ethiopia and Ghana. Truly grateful to have a job that allows me to travel. Honestly, it still feels surreal especially as I had always assumed that I’d never afford to travel. My reading and blogging suffered though. I had a goal of reading 90 books in 2022. This is something that I had previously done with ease so it didn’t seem like a crazy goal. In the end, I read 26 titles, most of which were continuing series.

Looking Ahead

I hope to get a bit more reading done this year. My goal is more realistic, 24 books. This means 2 books per month. Sounds manageable, right? I have already completed my first book for the year so things are looking up. Here are some of my upcoming reads.

Currently reading

Her Deadly Promise (Gina Harte #12) by Carla Kovach – This is an interesting read so far. I am 6 chapters in and enjoying it. Admittedly, I have skipped a few books in the series but I still feel like I am able to keep up with the characters.

Reading Next

Devil’s Way by Robert Bryndza – I absolutely enjoy this author. Never had a miss with him so I can’t wait to delve into this one.

NetGalley Backlog

My NetGalley shelf is a crime scene filled with books long-published. I really feel guilty about falling behind so much but I hope to catch-up and clear my backlog this year. Below are some of the books that I am excited to get to:

This is it for me! Did you achieve your reading goals for 2022? Do you have some for 2023? Have a lovely year and happy reading.


12 thoughts on “2023 Reading Goals

    1. Thanks Marialyce. I hope your 2023 will also be good in all ways and may good books come your way. Missed you too. I hope my resolve to return to blogging will remain this year ❤

  1. Happy New Year! 😀 That’s wonderful you got some travelling in. I’m hoping to do the same this year. I switched jobs last year and my reading suffered too (it’s one of the reasons why my reading suffered). I should have been realistic about my goals too, but I’m trying to see if I can hit 50 this year. Hope you have a great year and lots more travels and good reading.

    1. Happy New Year to you too. I hope your new job is going well too. I hope you also get some travel this year. I have nothing lined up so far this year but fingers crossed something will come up. I am not yet done seeing the world and experiencing new cultures (and shopping) 😀 All the best with your goal. 50 does sound realistic so I hope you’ll get to hit it. Have a fab year ahead.

    1. OMG Raney! It has been a long minute. So nice to see you on here. Happy New Year! Welcome back too. I hope 2023 will see us achieving our reading and blogging goals ❤

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