Review: I want you gone by Miranda Rijks

i want you goneThe only obituary you never want to read – is your own.

Laura Swallow is dead.
A life cut tragically short, says the newspaper obituary.
But that’s a lie.
Estate agent Laura did not die in a car accident. She is alive and well.
At first, Laura thinks it’s a sick joke.
But multiple announcements of her death are followed by increasingly sinister real-life events. Already fragile, struggling to recover from a recent divorce, Laura is plunged into a living nightmare.
Who can she trust? Her new lover? Her clients and work colleagues? What about her ex-husband and his smug fiancée? Can Laura even rely on her best friends? And why is it that Laura’s present troubles are so tied up with her sister’s sudden death all those years ago?
But one thing Laura is sure of – someone out there wants her to suffer. Wants her gone.


Undeniably, this is one of the creepiest premises ever. I think it’s because its easy to picture oneself in Laura’s situation. Imagine waking up to find RIP messages on your facebook timeline. I’d be spooked! Then a death notice in the obituaries followed by more such messages. Honestly, how scary is that.

I enjoyed this novel from the first chapter. The premise laid out a plot-line full of suspense and intrigue. Who was sending out the death notices and why? I had three suspects, narrowed down to one who turned to be the right culprit in the end. I think the author did this intentionally. There was just something off about the suspect, the words they said and their actions. However, the hints were so subtle and hence easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. On the other hand, the motive was impossible to guess. I mean, why would anyone go to such lengths to make Laura’s life miserable. Laura who seems so harmless.

Towards the end, some suspension of disbelief is required. There were certain incidents that were a little  too convenient and one scene had me confused. Nevertheless, this is fiction so I decided to go with the flow and enjoy the book.

This was certainly an entertaining read. I also found it to be quite captivating. I even woke up at 4am to finish reading it before work. This is major for me because I always struggle to get up in the morning ! Definitely recommended for fans of this genre.