Book Review: Partners: A Rogue Lawyer Short Story By John Grisham

Short Review

This is the second short story that I have read by John Grisham. The first one was The Tumor which was  non-fiction. However; Partners: A Rogue Lawyer Short Story is a legal thriller only that it is very short with only 50 pages. This is a prequel to Grisham’s book, Rogue Lawyer which I reviewed sometime back at the beginning of this year. You can read my review here.


Partners is a story about Sebastian Rudd, the lawyer and Tee Ray, his partner, bodyguard and law clerk and how the two met. Tee Ray was involved in a police shooting and the whole police department was baying for his blood. However, Rudd was hired to take up the case and he decides to fight for Tee Ray even though he knows that the case will get him in the bad books of all law enforcement officers. This is a story of Rudd’s fight for Tee Ray’s freedom.



This short story is ideal for readers who have already read Rogue Lawyer or those who intend to do so.



imagesImage from the Rogue Lawyer