Old Ladies, Fancy Hats and Beautiful Cars


I like small old cars.Sometime back in 2009, I was looking for Beetles, Starlets and Duets.However, when I shared my idea with others; I was told about spare parts that will be difficult to find, poor re-sell value, multiple-garage trips and a whole lot of things that dissuaded me from getting my own  lil’ machine.I still dream about getting one some day though.

Concours D’Elegance


Concours D’ Elegance 2015 took place last Sunday on September 27th 2015. My big bro, Allan never misses the show and this year he mentioned it to me a week prior to the event. In turn, I mentioned it to my gorgeous partner in crime, Yvonne who is always great company and I know she loves cars. So on Sunday morning, Yvonne and I went and joined Allan at JCC for the Church Service before the event. The service was wonderful and the message was on ‘Forget the past and reach forth’, a powerful message. We also did a lot of turn to your neighbor manenos during the service. Always nice turning to a stranger with a big smile, holding hands and saying stuff to them especially when its turn to your neighbor and tell them, ‘you look stunning today!’ Anyway, I digress. Beautiful service, left at 11:30am and then encountered the mother of all traffic jams.


Yvonne and I at the event. Yes of course, we had our hats on. We knew the silent dress-code 🙂

Old Age and Traffic Jams

It took us about 15 minutes to get to Ngong Road from town. However, after Prestige Plaza, it took us about 3 hours in very slow moving traffic to get to Ngong Race Course where the event was being held. We tried singing some ol skul to pass the time.At  some point we even go to “Me and my frenzy, on the enzy, Smokin’ sensi sippin’ on some Hennessey…” Come to think about it, what was Sanchez singing about? We were also starving and it was so hot. At some point, we saw an ice-cream vendor and forgot all decorum as gobbled down the ice-cream. There were a dozen police officers around but still traffic was crawling. We passed the time by watching traffic drama. People being pulled over for over-lapping, matatus literally running the streets, breaking all rules with no apologies. Every time boredom started creeping in, a souped up motorbike would zoom past us, getting us all psyched up again. However, we  waited for so long that at some point, I caught my reflection in the mirror and my hair had started graying.


Smile(before the jam started), frown(an hour later stuck in traffic) then old age( 3 hours later). This is what traffic jam does to a person.

Fancy Hats

stunning lady

At about 3pm, we finally arrived at the event. There were hundreds of cars and people milling around. One thing that clearly stood out was the fancy hats worn by both men and women. I am unsure whether it’s the sun or an unwritten dress code but women especially came out in all kinds of hats. I didn’t matter whether they were in jeans, dresses or skirts;the hats were adorned with finesse with each outfit. Some were huge and flapped in the wind while others were so fancy that you would think the ladies had a date with the  Queen.

We saw a lovely chariot at one of the showrooms. I was so enchanted by the chariot and couldn’t stop staring.Well that is  until i saw what was right next to it…..



IMG_20150927_174551Next to the beautiful chariot were 2 ladies who looked like they had stepped right out of the Victorian era. They were chatting and laughing away. I stood and stared, took a few photos, tried to eavesdrop obviously. It was all quite interesting. Like stepping into a story book. I tried to distract them by making faces at them and somersaulting as i photographed them but the ladies were lost in their own world. A world that i was dying to get into.

car 3

The Parade( Beautiful Cars)

We arrived just in time to watch the parade. I struggled to take the photos over the shoulder of this burly man who was acting as a barricade to keep the fans away from the cars. There was great music and excitement all around. Here are some of my favorite photos from the parade.


This Mustang was way too cool. When it drove by, the crowd went wild, screaming and cheering. The driver decided to show it off but displaying some hydrolics and the crowd went wild again. Watching him do the stunts made me think of the 90’S hiphop videos, stuff that Dr.Dre used to do.


car 4

And the parade went on



fancy car


car 5


This car is so beautiful.The color is perfect too.

Other Beautiful cars

After the parade, we went round checking out the cars and I got to take some more photos.




IMG_20150927_163748car bonus bonusCar 2

IMG_20150927_163812bonus car


According the CBA official page

Winners from the CBA Concours d’Elegance 2015 Edition.
Updated on Wednesday
Car Category, overall
1. Phoenix Aviation with a 1928 Ford Model A Tudor
2. Phoenix Aviation with a 1958 VW Beetle
3. Diccon Wilcock with a 1934 Railton


Hope to catch the event next year again.

3 thoughts on “Old Ladies, Fancy Hats and Beautiful Cars

    1. Interestingly, i really did forget the motorcycles until i read your comment. The plan was to write about the cars, the bikes and a fashion show held at the event.I did the first bit and guess i got caught up with school/work so i forgot about the other parts. I envy you, i admire riders and love beautiful bikes, used to gawk at the riders in Sons of Anarchy 🙂 However, I can’t even ride a regular bicycle.

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