American Horror Story: Freak show

The Freak show is the fourth season of American Horror Story. Other seasons include, Season 1: The Murder House, Season 2: The Asylum and Season 3: Coven. I really enjoyed season 1 but was not too keen on season 2. The Asylum location did not hold too much appeal for me. However, I recently saw the fourth season at the movie store and decided to give it a shot although I hadn’t watched the third season.

Freak show will have you glued from the start. I watched all 12 episodes in quick succession. The setting of the series is a circus in a town called Jupiter in Florida where the ‘freaks’ live together and put up shows for the community. It is clear to see that the community is not very accepting of the ‘freaks’ maybe that is why they stay on their own. There is so much discrimination against them and they are openly treated as “nature’s mistakes”. The ‘freaks’ are not only people with odd features such as the lobster hands, bearded lady or the dwarfs but also other people with different handicaps.

Society also treats them as commodities whereby people openly try to purchase them. There is a museum even set aside for ‘freaks’ where they are murdered and then displayed for other people’s amusement. There are a lot of storylines intertwined in the show all revolving around the ‘freaks’ that attracted all kinds of visitors to Jupiter. I also enjoyed learning the background story of the characters.

The Freak show allows you to look into the lives of what society back then called ‘ freaks’ or as Elsa called them ‘monsters’. You get to see life from their point of view. You also get to share in their fears and joys. The show is thrilling with a lot of suspense and twists that will keep you on the edge on your seat. There is also some gruesome murders and lots of scary scenes, it is American Horror Story after all.

Favorite Characters

One of my favorite characters was Ma Petite. She said few words and did not feature so much in the show but to me, she was the most memorable. I loved her smile and always made up face and I thought she was simply adorable to the end. I found it odd when Elsa used her to cuddle but I guess she is just that sweet to be around.


Ma Petite hold the Guinness World Record for being the smallest woman in the world, below is more information about her

I also loved pepper and the storyline behind her character. Although potrayed as a monster, we do learn that she had a kind and wonderful spirit. She hardly said any words but she was really sweet. As I watched the series, I decided to read more about the ‘real’ paper and was pleasantly surprised. Naomi Grossman does a wonderful job as Pepper.

Pepper 2

The Transformation is crazy

I really liked Pepper and Ma Petit

Bette and Dot played by Sarah Paulson were also some of the main characters in the series. I was impressed by how well Sarah played the role of the Siamese twins. I also loved the story line of Bette and Dot, the two were so different and this came out very well in their thoughts, personalities and also their facial expressions. I also loved the relationship between the two girls. I was curious about how they would date and experience such things such as intimacy. In the series, only Neil Patrick Harris seemed attracted to both women and so it was mind boggling imaging one of them falling in love and her twin going with it though she did not feel the same.

bet and tet

This pic shows how Bette and Dot were so different

Paul(Mat Fraser) was one of my favourite characters, deep, thoughtful, tough yet sensitive.

Every great story has the heroes and the villains. In this one, there is murderous clown and then there is Dandy Mott(Finn Witrock). I just love how his character was over the top psycho. It was exaggerated but in a good way. His facial expressions and even just the way he talked was very animated almost ‘cartoonish’ but it was brilliant.He played the role of villain, the rich spoilt psychopath with a seemingly very weird relationship with his mother. I was a little perturbed by how his feet were always facing each other though hence giving his this really odd walking style.


Other characters who made the show great include; Jimmy Darling(Evans Peters),Elsa( Jessica Lange),Ethel(Kathy Bates),Dell(Michael Chiklis) and Desiree(Angela Basette).
Main Cast

Reading about the actors playing the different roles was also quite en lighting. For instance, Mat Fraser who is disabled with ‘seal hands’ was a skate boarder, drummer and travel the world with different bands at sometime. Jyote who is an Indian actress was quoted saying how she dreams of one day acting in Holywood, well here we are Ma Petit. It is also interesting to know how Sarah Paulson and Naomi Grossman manage to transform and potray their character shich is not quite easy.

Next week, ill start watching “Coven” which was season 3. I do hope that it will be just as enjoyable.

Nb: All Images courtesy of Google images

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