Giraffe Ark


As I have mentioned before, my travel companions around Nanyuki are my mum and big brother, Allan. We always make a point of discovering new places whenever we are home at Narumoru. Having been to numerous places around Narumoru and especially in Nanyuki, we decided to explore the nearby town of Nyeri. One of the places that we have been planning to visit is the Tafaria Castle. However,first, we decided to drive down to the Giraffe Ark.

We left home at around 12:00pm and made it to Nyeri town by 1:00pm and then we begun the journey to Giraffe Ark which we were told is located somewhere on the Nyeri-Nyahururu highway. We passed by the Golden Gates Hotel, which I wrote about here:The Golden Gates Hotel. We then spotted the home of the former president, Mwai Kibaki where we unsuccessfully tried craning our necks, peeking through trees but that home was really hard to see. We caught a glimpse of a single, castle-like structure that we assumed was his home. We drove for about 30 more minutes without any sign of the Giraffe Ark although we saw numerous resorts along the way. We kept driving until we started suspecting that we had missed the sign. We even thought that we were closer to Tafaria Castle by then. However, just as we were about to give up, we eventually saw the sign post leading us to Giraffe Ark which was six kilometers away off the main road.


A few images from Giraffe Ark

Giraffe Ark is tucked away in a quiet, remote area, sort of like a hidden gem. However, once we got through the gates, we were met by a buzz of activities. It was slightly drizzling so we were delighted to see the hotel staff meeting the arriving guests right at the parking lot with huge umbrellas. They were quite pleasant, greeting everyone, shaking hands and offering directions. I must say, that was the best reception that I have ever received . To say that the place is beautiful is an understatement; Giraffe Ark is one of the most magnificent places that I have ever been to.


There are a lot of seating areas around the place, as i said, its like a little town. I loved the different designs of the seats.They were so beautiful.


I found this little gazebo, that was just enchanting.

They also have  amazing accommodation at the Giraffe Ark including a Honeymoon suite. If you are looking for an out of town plot to a nice, beautiful, magical place, then definitely head to Giraffe Ark.

ps: I took all the photos in this blog post, I don’t know if my photography skills are just improving or maybe the location was just so beautiful that all photos look great

check out this link for more details and photos of the place:The Giraffe Ark




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