My Girls

I was never the popular kid in high school. If anything, I was skinny and awkward. I was also a loner who was really drawn to the weird people. If a girl got knocked up and sidelined by everyone, then I would befriend. I was friends with the girls out casted as thieves, lesbians, devil worshipers, I just liked these people. I was occasionally friends with the cool girls but that wasn’t genuine. I couldn’t stand their really short skirts and makeup.

When I went to college, all this changed. By then, I was no longer skinny. In addition, I ended up with a lot of male friends and only one female friend. She was a wild card. It’s in the way she dressed and talked. She used to drink and smoke. Soon, I was learning her ways. I learned how to ditch class, have sambuka shots in the middle of the day and smoke like I was the coolest kid on the block. I still maintained my weird friendships though. I was especially close with the foreigners who nobody seemed to like. They could hardly speak English but I could still hold conversations for hours with them.

When I went to Campus, I met my girls who I must say changed my life completely.



This is one of the first people that I met. We met on the first day of Campus, that is January 10, 2005 and have remained good pals until now. Carol is an interesting girl. She has the biggest most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen. Her feet are also really cute. She is one of the boldest and funniest people that I know. In addition, she is very adventurous. I have woken up in the morning and ended up in a random plan across the country because of Carol.

She is always the life of the party. I have attended parties where Carol was the sole entertainment. There is no electricity; well Carol has a plan on how to keep things alive. With this girl, everything is amazing. She likes to invite people over to her home in Rongai for pancakes. The thing with Carol is that, she will describe this plot in words that will convince you that pancakes are the best things ever. She will make pancakes sound better than alcohol at a party. That is carol for you, every day is a celebration.

I love Carol for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that she has the biggest heart. Carol is who you call when you are sad. If you want to cry, she will cry with you. She will share in your pain and in your happiness alike. Carol is and has always been that one person that I have always been able to count on in the good and bad times.


The interesting thing about Rose is that she doesn’t strike you immediately as the wild girl. Now my friends in Campus were”lively”, for lack of a better word. We definitely knew how to live our lives to the fullest.This involved shopping, partying, travelling or just hanging out but simply doing everything that we could to keep things lively. However, Rose is a bit different. I remember when in Campus, all the girls would go out apart from her. She always had an excuse. While everyone dated one guy after the other, she remained single. Rose was unique.

I loved Rose due to this uniqueness. She had two sides to her. When need be, the crazy side of her would show up briefly. Talk to her and you will unearth a very interesting compassionate girl.



There is a lot that I can say about Juliana. I have loved and hated her almost with the same intensity(the hate is mildly put by the way, i love that girl to bits!!). We have fought a number of times but always seem to get through it all. We are so alike and equally so different. Juelz was my roommate for four years in Campus. We were alike in that we both loved our shoes, we both had unique dressing styles, we both got our lower back tattoos at the same time etc. We had a world in common. I understood her even when most people did not. She also understood me and put up with my mood swings even when everybody walked way.

Juliana is cool and interesting. If I did anything crazy, probably she was there or on the phone encouraging me to go for it. She was fabulous and so much fun and I simply adored her. I loved the fact that she was a model and yet the only girl I knew who loved reggae music so much. She even had a scarf with Rasta colors. Cool chic, that Juliana was. One of the main reasons I love Juelz is that even though we are age mates, she has always been like a big sister for me. The one who will tell me when am about to do something stupid. She was the one who was there for me when I was having a hard time. She even protected me physically from people who intended to take advantage of me in any one. That is Juliana; she loves with the intensity of a mother or a sibling.

Right now, she is expecting twins. The interesting thing is that I have no doubt in my mind that she will be a fantastic mother. She will love those children with everything that she has. That is Juliana, the woman who loves with her all.


Angie is one of those really pretty women who just have that smile that gives you the impression that there’s more than what meets the eye. If Angie smiles at you, you get the feeling that there is something else she thinks of. Her smile is sincere yet a little cocky. When I met Angie, two things stood out in my mind. One is that, she is very pretty and secondly, I think that her voice is actually more high pitched than mine.

When I think of Angie, I think of her dancing to some raga music. I always think of her in blue jeans and a blue hoodie. For some reason, I associate her with happiness, maybe because she smiles a lot. I love her for many reasons. One thing is that she is a very tough, no-nonsense lady. She tells it like it is. I think this may have something to do with her being a lawyer.

Angie was the first one of my girls to become a mother. She stepped into this role like it was the most natural thing in the world. If you visit her home, you will be amazed with just how much she makes being a mum and wife seem easy. Her love for her son, handsome little Ali is also adorable. I remember sometime back we had gone out for the night; we all ended up back at Angie house. It was very late but you should have seen her hanging out with her son and putting him to bed. I seem to have a lot of admiration for Angie, this maybe because she is simply awesome!


There is a lot that can be said about Vicky. We weren’t as thick as thieves or as tight as sisters but I still consider her as one of my closest friends. One thing that I really admire about Vicky is that she was so focused even when we were in Campus. She got an internship with a local radio station and when the rest of us were sleeping, watching movies and partying, Vicky was working. It’s no surprise that she got on television immediately after we left school. Vicky was the first one in my group of girls to get married. She got married to her Campus sweetheart just a year after graduation. She is one of those women whose lives seem to just fall into place. Its like things just simply work out well for her. She is now a mum and although am yet to meet her son, I simply know that she is a great mother. That is Vicky for you, very focused and she knows what she wants in life.

As I have said, I have never been very close with Vicky but I still know that she is one very genuine friend. If she is your friend, she will be there for you no matter what. She is not a petty person at all. She is mature and very intelligent. Vicky is who I think of when I think of a super woman. She has completely embodied exactly what a good woman should be.


Well I have lost touch with Esther but I still consider her as one of my girls. I remember that she was the first person that I made friends with in my class. Esther is a very interesting person. She has a great look, especially that flat tummy that is absolutely to die for. She likes weird sitting postures. I remember in Campus, you would find her seating on top of the table to study. She also used to like hand gestures. I remember her using her hands to try and explain concepts.

Esther is intelligent. You can just see it in how she reasons and argues her points. She is also very witty. She has these “one-liners” that can crack you up. She is also very direct, this Esther. She will tell you something without playing around with her words at all. She is also a brave woman despite her small stature.

One thing I love about Esther is that she is naturally cool. She is one of these people who don’t seem bothered by what is going on around them. As you struggle with your high heels and short skirts, she will pass by simply dressed and looking unimpressed by you. There is something about her. She is one of those people who will laugh at your joke and you instantly feel like a stand-up comedian. Esther Chela, one cool girl. She remains my only friend from Eldoret.


I love Mercy. She is such an awesome girl. I also met her on January 10, 2005. She later moved from Moi to Makerere University but she still remained one of the girls. Mercy comes from an affluent background. The thing about her is that, she remains down to earth. She is simply a beautiful girl both on the inside and the outside.

Mercy has visited every country in the world, she can easily be spotted in a Mercedes Benz but she still remains as cool as can be. She is a fun girl, this Mercy. She parties like a rock star and knows how to treat herself well.

I enjoy talking to her and just hanging out with her. She is a great listener and she always has these fascinating stories. Mercy is a great friend. No matter where in the world she may be, she has always remained loyal to the girls.


She may not have been one of my original girls but interesting enough, after Campus, I formed a very good friendship with Jeds. The thing about Jeds and I is that we always have a great time. When we are together, laughter is always in the air. We laugh at everything. We laugh at people, music, and un-funny movie scenes. We just laugh. We also always seem to have a lot to talk about. We can stay up for hours just laughing and talking about everything.

I love Jeds for very many reasons. She is one of the most loyal people that I know. She lives by the “your enemies, my enemies rule”. I find that to be very admirable and also genuine. Jeds is also a great listener. She is someone that you can talk to about anything. She pays attention and sympathizes “aki woiye!” and laughs when its time to laugh. I consider myself lucky to have met this wonderful woman when I did.

My girls have been there for me through thick and thin. They have been there during the family issues and the career crisis. They have also been there when I was excited about meeting a new guy and we would sit and talk about him for hours. They would then be back again for another talk when I was going through a breakup. We would again sit and talk and agree on what to do after the relationship died.

I would be lost without….my girls!

20 thoughts on “My Girls

  1. OMG Dee!Speechless hun,totally speechless!!!
    First,I’m overwhelmed to have made it to your group of girls,totally humbled to my knees.You are an adorable pal,too adorable I lack words!Thanks for being my gal too hun:-))
    Second,this is a great piece,wow!Your use of language is to die for Dee.I admire your style in every sense of the world hun.
    Last,I wouldn’t imagine my world without Dee around.You totally rock my world Diana.Love you to bits sweetheart.Huuuuuuuuugs!

    1. Ofcourse you are in my group of gals hun:-)u r one of my closest pals right now and i truly do apprciate your friendship kabisa kabisa. I pray that we remain friends even for longer n have many sleepovers even when we are 80years old. Thanks for everything hun.

      secondly, thanks for appreciating my writing. I have just started out and so it feels awesome to hear someone say that its a good piece:-)ill always remember that you wrore the first comment on my blog hun:-)

  2. And you def know that’s how I/we roll:)
    Maybe you forgot to mention we love ‘talking’ in CAPS.Lol.Can’t wait for the next shouting session.Hehe.
    True,may this friendship stand the test of time,well till the end.Sleepovers at 80 would rock.That time we will be telling each other stories like grandmas do.Lol.
    Long live great and genuine friendships.Cheers hun:-)

  3. haha grandma stories do sound very awesome. Imagine talking slowly n laughing until we cough because of old age:-)) anyway, cheers to us babe:-))

    1. Hahaha Ed, yes you are also my “girl”:-) I miss hanging out with you,maybe i should write about that;-)

  4. Nice read…congrats to the Juelz…wishing u all the best Dee…You are a great author…True friends are a wonderful gift from God…and its good that u appreciate them

    1. Thank you Mercie. I am truly humbled and ill pass the congratulations to Juelz. Its friends like you who support me who have given me the motivation and confidence to get started on my writing.Baraka tele:-)

  5. Didi this is awesome. When I begun reading this I got so excited and had like fifty thoughts running through my head. Was thinking…finally this woman has her own blogspot. She finally heed my advice. You are the one friend who is really good at expressing yourself in words!
    Then reading of how i can make pancakes sound better than Didi! thats how passionate i am about things i love..and i love you to bits. and this totally brings so many memories of fresher life through campus and after campus.
    It’s so sad this grown up life is making us too busy we barely have time to hangout (that shouldnt be an excuse though)
    I love this particular article coz i relate with everyone. I love how you so well capture each persons character! looking forward to seeing many more articles.

  6. Hi Carol, yeah i finally started my blog, thanks a lot for the encouragement. As for you and pancakes, that’s just you. I don’t think there is anyone else who can make pancakes sound as awesome as you do. I miss the girls and its a shame that people have kinda grown apart right now but am still optimistic, we will still remain the galas:-)

    Thanks for the support and encouragement. I will keep writing:-)

    1. That part about Carol and pancakes,finding fun in everything…so true!
      I’ve personally made pancakes with her.Those were the best pancakes since Kingfisher!LOL.Then remember how she amplified music from her phone with a cup on my birthday?Lol carol you rock.Then came Kitengela and we did a Tuktuk ride to the Ostrich farm…awesome galas:-)

  7. hahaha i was thinking about your birthday Jeds when i wrote that part of her being the entertainment.She saved the day even though the electricity was threatening to ruin everything. That really is our Carol. Kitengela was the best best plot ever LOL had forgotten about the tuktuk ride. Kumbuka how we overstayed at the hotel way past our check out time hadi we had to be chased out?Good times we have had;-)

  8. LooooooooL yeah I remember mpaka we were showering while on the move.Then the photo shoot the evening we got to the hotel.I was the camera crew.Big up Jeds!Lol.Everyone was a model.Then on waking up all hangovered we thought “nyamchom!”
    Kitengela should happen AGAIN!

  9. Waaaaar, thats insightfull. Its unfortunate that many people say what they think and feel about their friends only in euologies. I donno what inspired this piece but it is indeed spectacular, every word carried its weight dutifully! Unlike miguna miguna u only kept record of what is good and thats what friedship is about ‘go baby go!’ he he he
    I truly admire the way u keep the gala fire ablaze even from all the way in limuru. We r all blessed to be touched by u in our lives.
    P.s edgar malala u r one of the girls although i think u met everybody under different circumstances, when dee writes the book ‘eddie the girl’ i’ll chip in a chapter.

  10. I so love the Miguna reference:-)n thanks for liking the entry. I definitely had to show my appreciation for the galas and let you all know that i appreciate you no matter what:-)

    As for “eddie the girl”hahhahhahahha am not even going to say anything to that:D

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